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Cholesterol is an important substance that is required for normal functioning of the body. If the cholesterol level goes too high, it puts our body at the risk of heart attack. At your health and wellness coaching session, we will facilitate you to understand the root cause of your health problem and create a road map that is self directive driven by intrinsic motivation to make lifestyle behavioral changes for having a better quality of life. 

At your Health & Wellness Coaching you can expect to:

  • Get a personalized body evaluation
  • Get a personalized wellness evaluation
  • Learn how you can raise your HDL and lower LDL
  • Learn the difference between good vs. bad fats
  • Learn how quality of food can enhance your quality of life
  • Bring more awareness
  • Teach Disease Specific Skills
  • Promote Behavior Change
  • Encourage Participation in Disease Prevention
  • Set and achieve a goal
  • Find motivation to complete the plan