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Health and wellness coaching will facilitate you to understand the root cause of your problem and what made you overweight. The process of coaching will help in creating a road map which is self-directive and driven by intrinsic motivation to make lifestyle behavioral changes for having a better quality of life. You will better understand your relationship with food and what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, who you eat with and why you eat essentially affects your health.

At your Health & Wellness Coaching you can expect to:

  • Get a personalized body evaluation
  • Get a personalized wellness evaluation
  • Learn specific skills for weight loss
  • Learn nutritional habits that will change your life
  • Get a personalized movement/exercise plan
  • Promote Behavior Change
  • Get assistance with Emotional Impact of obesity
  • Find your own solutions for health problem[s]
  • Set and achieve a goal
  • Find the motivation to complete the plan