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This department has a state-of-the-art Neurophysiology Laboratory and a leading panel of surgeons, doctors & support staff.

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Neurosciences is designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise and leadership in all major disciplines of neurosciences/neurosurgery through an integrated team of neurologists dedicated towards providing total patient care.

The Institute boasts of high-end technology, including the first integrated Brain SUITE (most advanced neuro-surgical operating room with high field MR), the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific.

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Mrs Agbor Mbi Epse Tataw,

Aneursym Coiling Surgery

Introduction : Max Super Speciality Hospital is a place to go for medi...

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Spinal degeneration and old age

Ageing is a normal process of life. Like all other body organs, spine too, would undergo a change with age. Some of which can cause health problems.

Max Hospital Dehradun attracting medical tourism

Max, Dehradun has been getting a lot of patients and becoming the hub of International Neuro patients.

Get rid of that headache

This story explains in detail the types of headaches and its causes. Dr. JD Mukharjee talks about the various types of migraine and its symptoms.

Team that Cares

Meet our team of highly trained medical professionals who are adept in handling every situation with relative ease, composure and care.

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Technology facilitates correct diagnosis of various ailments for best and shortest road to recovery. Get a closer glimpse of our cutting-edge-technology in the gallery below.

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