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Nursing Training

Max Healthcare is totally committed to deliver highest standards of healthcare by providing. We at Max believe in preparing nurses with professional excellence, critical thinking, social awareness, and competencies meeting the nursing credentials. The objectives of the training department are:

  • To develop quality learning models for Max Nurses
  • To design and create growth avenues for nurses at Max
  • To establish cost effective ways of teaching and learning
  • To influence policy and practice in nursing education and quality through evidence based practice

The training department endeavours to prepare nurses to assume the conventional, extended and expanding roles of practitioners, educators and managers. The nursing programs at Max Healthcare provide a range of growth opportunities to Max nurses in various areas including Wards, OT's, ICU's, ER, and Specialized Wards.

Titrated Training Ladder

nursing training flow charts

LEVEL 1 (Nurses Induction Training Program)

  • Total Duration - 32 days / 256 hours
  • Multidisciplinary trainers. Various modes of training include workshops, interactive sessions, didactic lectures, simulation etc.
  • Comprises of theory, practical's and demonstrations
  • 22 days of hands on training in respective clinical areas as per the Basic credential matrices (Critical Care, OT, ER, Ward)
  • Four months hands on Advance Nursing Credentials during Probation

LEVEL 2 (Functional Trainings, CNE's)

  • Max Emergency life Support Program (MELS)
  • Bio Medical Equipment Workshop
  • EHR Workshop (CPRS, BCMA and HIS)
  • On Job Trainings
  • Functional Trainings
  • Outsourced Trainings

LEVEL 3 (Advanced Courses)

  • Speciality based courses / Certification programs
  • 15 Modules
  • Duration: 03 days - 06 months

LEVEL 4 (Super Speciality Courses)

  • Critical care, Oncology, OT, Neuro etc.