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Going through their everyday routine

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Clinical Directorate

GDA Vijay, Housekeeping boy Vijay and the team were busy in their work when suddenly they heard a loud crashing noise from the outside.

Upon inspection, they saw four people were screaming in pain under a heavy iron board that had fallen on them. Pushing past the growing crowd, all of them immediately rushed to the aid of these men with wheelchairs and stretchers.

As a team, they managed to remove the iron board and started pulling out the workers one-by-one. Despite their immediacy in action and best efforts, one of the worker lost his life in this tragic accident. They then concentrated all their efforts in securing the remaining patients and rushing them inside the emergency room.

They managed to save three lives that day by working together and never forgeing their number on duty and that is to save lives.

Vijay - GDA, Vijay - Housekeeping Department