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It Was a Warm Summer

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Clinical Directorate

On the 24th of June when our emergency team received a call informing us of an under-construction building collapse at Sarvodya Enclave. They were also informed that a worker was trapped under the rubble for close to 4 hours.

Without missing a beat, the Emergency Medical Technicians on duty, Naresh Purohit and Prabhat Chauhan along with Pilot Aman sprang into action and coordinated the situation proficiently. Though it was dangerous, Naresh and Prabhat managed to take the vitals of the patient while the victim was still under the debris.

Aman, in spite of his requited ambulance duty, bravely led the burning flames near the accident site with the ambulance fire extinguishers. He also guided police and JCB drivers to help them remove debris and water tanks strewn across the area.

Emergency Team
Emergency Team

Eventually, with tremendous effort of our ER team as well as other officials, they successfully rescued the injured patient and immediately put him on a spine stretcher to examine him thoroughly.

Naresh, Prabhat and Aman together stand today as a shining example of bravery and Sevabhav. Their efforts were also featured on national news channels. Manifestation of such acts of empathy, Sevabhav and bravery has elevated the team to the next level of humanity.

Naresh Purohit - EMT, Prabhat Chauhan - EMT, Pilot Aman