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In The Month of October in 2014

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Clinical Directorate

A 21 year old lady came to the Gurgaon Unit for treatment of Petella (Knee) fracture and jaw injuries. She had sustained grievous injuries during the J&K flood. Being young, she was fretful about her appearance. It was quite a gruesome moment for her as she had recently lost her mother too. Dr. Himanshu Dadlani expressed great concern and counselled her to not lose hope.

But problems seemed to be mounting with every passing day. A er losing everything in the flood, she couldn't support her medical bills wherein she was supposed to stay for a few more days. After receiving detailed information, Dr. Dadlani took everything upon himself to get due treatment for the patient and started his correspondence with the Insurance Company.

Himanshu Dadlalni's Team
Himanshu Dadlani

Meanwhile on the medical front, her treatment continued. Dr. Dadlani never gave up and finally, rigorous follow-up with the Insurance Company paid off. The Insurance Company manager called the doctor to inform him that because she's the victim of the flood, dental treatment would also be paid for, though usually it isn't covered.

Dr. Dadlani along with his team members Dr. Shilpi Tandon, Bharat Kumar and Amar showed incredible compassion towards her cause and even her family offered their blessings to his entire team after the treatment. Another true gesture of Sevabhav for which Max salutes him and his team's efforts.

Dr. Himanshu Dadlani, Dr. Shilpi Tandon, Bharat Kumar - Dental Technician, GDA Amar