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Clinical Directorate

Sebin Jacob was going about his day as usual, when he came across a patient with amputated limbs below the knee due to a diabetic foot. He had never thus far served a patient with a deformity of this nature.

Though the patient had been this way for a while, medically his condition was critical and worsening by the day. Still the patient was optimistic and could fulfil his habitual activities for years before then. But due to his deteriorating health, he had to use a bedpan/commode to be able to use the facilities. The patient felt uneasy to use these and he did not pass any stools for a couple of days. Looking at his situation, Mr. Jacob stepped in and carried him to the toilet and stayed with him, till the patient was finished using the facility.

The patient was thankful and was finally comfortable after two whole days. As days went on, every day Mr. Jacob could feel two eyes waiting for him as he entered the ICU for his duty. He helped the patient every day for the next few weeks. But tragically, one day he entered and was informed by the nurse on-duty that the patient had passed away.

Mr. Jacob had developed a connection with the patient in his last few months and had come to think of him as a friend. His small gesture of comfort for a patient and a friend was his Sevabhav moment.

Sebin Jacob - Nursing Department