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Clinical Directorate

Pratima Chhabra from Max Shalimar Bagh had given out her visiting card to the president of her residential society. At 11 p.m. after another usual day at work, she got an urgent phone call from someone in her residential complex. She was informed that the patient was showing stroke-like symptoms but the family, untrained to recognise this, had not been able to identify it as a stroke.

She leapt into action and upon examination, she advised that the patient should be immediately admitted to the hospital. Being dutiful and showing her usual character, she decided to accompany the patient to the emergency room.

The Neurology doctor examined and admitted the patient in the ICU. Thanks to the quick response and timely admission, the patient has now recovered well. In the Neurology doctor's own words, "Since we could take the patient to the hospital within few hours of the stroke, the patient was saved and had few long-term side effects of the stroke."

Thus, timely and effective care saved a life. It demonstrates that Sevabhav is not limited within but goes beyond the boundaries of work.

Pratima Chhabra, Assistant Manager - Operations