State of Art 3 Tesla MRI

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj


The newly installed high end 3 Tesla MRI (MAGNETOM Lumina) at Max Superspeciality Hospital Patparganj, gives excellent clinical imaging with unique Biomatrix technology that understands the bio variability of different patients to give clear, high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis. 

The new wide bore advance 180 channel 3 Tesla MRI is much faster, reducing the scan time almost 40-50%, better patient experience due to inbore lighting with Audio visual Infotainment System, reduction in noise upto 70-80%, reducing anxiety and claustrophobia. This system has light weight flexible coils and totally Artificial Intelligence Assisted Planning and Non-Contrast Vascular Images. 

This latest MRI is very helpful in neuro-imaging, especially screening of stoke patients which can be done very quickly along with advance imaging like non-contrast perfusion and susceptibility weighted images (SWI). In oncological imaging it gives finer details of tumors that can help in better diagnosis and treatment planning alongwith dynamic imaging. It gives fine details of musculoskeletal, chest, abdomen and breast imaging to name a few. 

These advantages can lead to improved diagnostic accuracy and improved work flow in many applications.