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For the first time in Max Hospital, Bronchial Thermoplasty performed

By Dr. Vivek Nangia in Pulmonology

Feb 17 , 2022 | 1 min read

For the first time in Max hospital, bronchial Thermoplasty was performed in a 38-year-old female asthmatic patient by the expert team of Max Hospital. The patient visited Dr. Vivek Nangia (Chief of Pulmonology, Cluster 1, Max Healthcare and Head & Principal Director, Institute of Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Max Hospital, Saket Complex) with complaints of persistent asthma despite being on an optimal inhaler and frequent course of oral steroids. Her symptoms were not improving, leading to increasing doses of corticosteroids off and on, which has led to various side effects. She had even taken immunotherapy, but there was no significant improvement.

Things changed positively when Dr. Nangia evaluated and advised bronchial thermoplasty. Finally, on Saturday 23 October 2021, she underwent bronchial thermoplasty at Max Saket by Dr. Vivek Nangia and was discharged in a stable condition. 

Bronchial thermoplasty is a novel, non-pharmacological procedure for patients who have asthma. Patients with moderate to severe asthma undergo airway remodeling, which means the airway smooth muscle increase results in impaired lung function and a prolonged course of medicines, especially steroids antibiotics. Long term studies have shown that it improves the quality of life of asthma patients

The procedure improved the patient’s health drastically. She is happy with the results and is grateful to the entire team of Max hospital.

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