Busting Myths related to Spine Surgery

By Dr. Kapil Jain in Spine Surgery

Feb 16 , 2021 | 2 min read

Spine surgery is the surgery which is done near the spine and spinal cord as surgery for cervical or lumbar canal stenosis, disc prolapse, spinal tumour etc. requires surgery. Nowadays, with the advanced technique and technology, spine surgery is very safe. There are many myths about spine surgery. Even today patients are afraid to meet the surgeon for the opinion. Here I would like to tell you about a few common misconceptions about spine surgery.

  1. Damaged discs always require surgery  

The damaged disc does not require surgery in all cases. Majority of people get sufficient relief by non-surgical treatment . Generally, before advising surgery, Surgeons would try to treat the problem with non-surgical options but in some cases when a person has complex spinal issues or intractable pain then the minimally invasive surgical options is preferred. 

2. Will it relieve pain?

One is relieved of back pain to a great extent, the majority of patients return to regular activity soon after surgery. The aim of the surgery is to reduce pain, neurological improvement and correct the spinal problem. Patients will also have a stake in maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the surgery

3. It has a serious side effect and it’s not worth it 

Surgery is advised as a last resort as in cases of spinal problem after trying medical management. Before advising surgery, the surgeon looks into the risk benefit ratios and surgery is individualised as per the need of the patient. Clinical problem and radiological picture is kept in mind before advising any treatment. The surgery would be recommended if benefit of the surgery is more than the risk.

4. Spine surgery is dangerous

At present time with the advancement in technology, instrument and technique. Spine surgery is quiet safe. Now, minimal invasive spine surgery is done with small incision, less recovery time, minimal complications and less recovery time.  Open surgery takes longer time, scar is long and recovery time is more as compared to minimal invasive spine surgery.  After minimal invasive spine surgery patient can be discharged next day of surgery and can join office within 2 days depending on type of surgery.

5. Need to stay in bed for months

With the advancement in spine surgery and medical field even after major spine surgery patient can walk normally after 1-2 days after surgery. Minimal invasive spine surgery (MIS) technique give less pain, small scar, early mobilization, and shorter hospital stay as compared to open surgery. Whether the surgery will be done by open technique or MIS depends on case to case and surgeon will determine which technique is going to get the best result.

6. It you visit a surgeon he will advise surgery

Surgery is advised depending on the need, it’s wrong to say that surgeon will always advise surgery. Before advising surgery we always to alleviate pain by non-surgical methods and surgery is done once the nonsurgical method fails to treat the problem. Most of the patients, before coming to surgeon had already taken treatment for the same that’s why some time depending on clinical scenario surgery is advised at first go. 

 If one has pain, weakness and because of pain one has to modify his/her daily routine one should definitely consider for spine surgery as an option and take opinion for the same. Spine surgery is quite safe at present time. We have the latest technology and patient is always informed properly about the best treatment options.