Caesarean Or Normal- Discuss your options with Gynecologist!

By Medical Expert Team

Jul 12 , 2017 | 1 min read

There has been a raging debate of late regarding the alarming increase in the rates of caesarian sections.

Dr. Uma Vaidyanathan highlights a few points on why patients choose caesarian over normal. Whatever is your decision you need to discuss your options with your gynaecologist depending on your pregnancy and associated medical conditions if any and then take an educated decision about what you need to do regarding your delivery.

Why Caesarean?

  • Level of physical activity in women today as compared to their mothers or other elders in the family has definitely gone down.


  • Many cases of caesareans are due to arrest in progress of labour- either due to non-tolerance of labour pains despite the option of painless labor available or due to intrinsic failure to progress despite waiting for stipulated time.


  • The insistence by patients ongoing for elective surgery due to fear of labor pains, fear of injuries the to vagina in case of difficult labor and unpreparedness to wait in case labor is prolonged. Even the family gets anxious and questions the doctor if so much waiting is warranted!!! Despite counselling, the concept of "Do not want to take any risk"- Comes in the picture.


  • Dietary habits and increasing intake of junk food both at work and even at home. We do not know for sure but these factors may definitely have a role to play in so many dysfunctional labors happening today!


  • High-risk referrals to tertiary care centers such as IVF pregnancies and associated complications in pregnancy such as diabetes, hypertension, growth restriction which may make it difficult to deliver such babies normally due to risks involved both to the mother and the unborn child.

However, there has been a definite improvement in the maternal and neonatal mortality rate in this time. The reason may also be timely intervention by the attending gynaecologists leading to fewer complications during labour and delivery.


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