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Let’s Understand Cancer!

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April 25, 2017 0 34 2 minutes, 6 seconds read

Do you know most types of cancer occur at an old age? It is because DNA in cells starts getting damaged as age progresses. However, few cancers like germ cell tumours (Testicular cancer) are more common in younger age. The most common types of cancer are Lung Cancer, Breast, Prostate, Bowel, Oral Cavity, Cervix, Ovarian, Stomach, Colorectum, and Pharynx. In India, 2.5 million people are estimated to be living with cancer.

Are you pondering over-What Causes Cancer?

Cancer causes more than 12.5% deaths across the world. Different types of cancer can have different causes like Tobacco (smoke and smokeless) use can cause cancer of mouth, tongue, throat, food pipe, lung and food pipe (oesophagus) and urinary bladder cancer. Other things that are likely to cause cancer are- high consumption of alcohol, radiations, exposure to sunlight, chemicals used in manufacturing industries, obesity, high fat and low fibre diet, lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet, red meat, and lack of physical activity. It is not true that if a person is exposed to these causes, he will definitely get cancer.

What are the treatments available?                                                    

Dr Mahesh Sultania says The earlier the cancer is detected, the better are the chances of cure as the cancer cells will not get enough time to multiply and spread in the body. The different types of treatment available for cancer treatment are Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiotherapy. Surgery is used for removing a malignant growth in the body if cancer has not spread in the body. Chemotherapy uses medications to kill cancer cells and radiotherapy uses radiations to kill cancer cells. It is possible that different types of treatment are used alone or together to cure cancer. Other treatments like immunotherapy and palliative care have established a role in treating cancer.

How can screening help?

Screening implies checking the body for cancer before any symptom appears.It is done primarily for breast cancer, cervical and colorectal cancers, and for lung cancer only of the person is at risk. A National Screening Programme has introduced a mandatory screening for oral, breast and cervical cancer patients who are 30+.

What should be the prevention plan?

You need to:

  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Avoiding exposure to cancer-causing substances
  • Avoiding Tobacco
  • Eating a Healthy diet like plenty of fruits or vegetables, limiting processed foods
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active
  • Protecting yourself from sun exposure
  • Practice safe sex, avoid sharing needles
  • Regular medical care like self-examination and getting oneself screened for various types of cancer

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