Common Causes of Liver Problem Explained

By Dr. R.S.Mishra in Internal Medicine

Dec 18 , 2017 | 2 min read

With a constant rise in the levels of toxic contaminants in the air, a steep surge has also been observed in the number of people suffering from liver problems. The polluted air not only affects the liver but also has adverse effects on various other organs of the body including heart and lungs as well.

However, it is not just air pollution that causes liver problems. Many other causes and risk factors can increase the chances of developing a liver problem that may escalate to become a liver cancer at a later stage. If you wish to know more about them, then here are some of the common liver problem causes you need to eliminate your lifestyle:

Alcohol Abuse

Excessive drinking on a regular basis can be quite harmful to your liver and can lead to liver damage. Therefore, it is always to adopt healthy habits to prevent damage to your body than to run for treatment afterward.


Just like alcohol abuse, smoking also causes liver damage. The toxins found in a cigarette can lead to chronic inflammation in the liver giving way, to many liver problems. Hence, one should first try to limit their smoking habits and then try to get rid of it using a professional’s help.


If a person is suffering from Hepatitis B or C, these viruses, if not treated, can develop a chronic infection in the liver that can lead to cirrhosis; In addition, Hepatitis E can also cause acute liver failure if these are not treated in time. Hence, if you suffer from any of these viruses then do not waste any time and get the best treatment as soon as possible. You can also go to a well-reputed liver transplant hospital and consult an experienced doctor in case of any liver problem.

Immune System Abnormality

Person’s own immune system may attack liver leading to Autoimmune Hepatitis, which may lead to Cirrhosis. Autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and Primary sclerosing cholangitis are a few examples of autoimmune liver diseases.

Apart from the above-listed factors, there are various other causes including cancer, malnutrition, high blood pressure and cholesterol that can cause liver diseases. Now, that you are aware of the top causes that can be lethal for the liver, it is advisable to keep routine checkup.

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