Dealing with rebellion of a toddler

By Megha Sharma in Clinical Psychology

Oct 13 , 2021 | 1 min read

The development period when your child begins to understand she/he is separate from you is when they try to look out to become more independent and try different ways to control their world, and hence become rebellious. During this period they have their own needs, wants, and impulse which are not logical and do not have any reason.

Few tips to manage a rebellious toddler

  • Don’t be the boss

    Although the parents know the best choices and decisions for their toddlers, it is not right to order them to do everything. The toddlers also should be given the opportunity to make small choices such as - letting them pick the outfit or toy they want to play with.

  • Stay calm

    Ensure to control your emotions and not get angry, as toddlers are looking at you for cues.

  • Listen carefully

    Listening to them can help them calm down and not get rebellious.

  • Prevent the situation

    Try and avoid the triggering events that cause the child to become rebellious.

  • Offer them choices

    Allow them to feel they are in control by providing them alternative options to choose from.

  • Be consistent

    Ensure to be consistent in rewarding or punishing, as disrupted patterns can cause them to become frustrated.

  • Avoid giving in

    Responding or reacting to your child’s tantrums can make him/her learn that he/she will get what he/she wants by pushing it, and hence it will become difficult for you to impose a limit.