DIABESITY is a term that is often used for obese people who are diabetic. 
Obesity is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts almost every organ as well as every aspect of human being, be it physical, psychological, or social.

Majority of the population affected by obesity does not consider excess weight to be a problem. They only seek medical help when they are suffering from some medical disease related to obesity such as diabetes or are so severely affected by the extra body weight that they cannot even carry out their daily activities.
COVID-19 is most significantly affecting people suffering from DIABESITY; the dual epidemic of modern era. 

Reason is multifold: 
•    State of chronic inflammation,
•    More prone to form clots inside body 
•    Poor immunity,
•    More prone to secondary infections,
•    High airway resistance because of obesity and sleep apnea.

So, whenever COVID 19 virus infects these individuals, body responds very poorly leading to a more severe and sustained viral infection. It is very clear from large number of studies published in last one year that individuals affected by DIABESITY are prone to more severe COVID 19 infection with increased risk of complications and fatality.
It is imperative to create awareness amongst general population regarding DIABESITY so that people understand the implications associated with it. 
This is especially true in current times when a large number of people are working from home with majority having unhealthy diet and no physical activity.

A very important point to understand is that, of all the factors associated with poor outcomes in COVID infection, DIABESITY is one of such condition that is modifiable with good control of blood sugar levels and physical activity.

Apart from optimal precautions in the form of hand washing and wearing mask, people should ensure:

•    Blood sugar levels are kept under check, 
•    Maintain healthy lifestyle in the form of mild to moderate physical activity for at least 45 minutes five days a week,
•    Consumption of healthy diet in form of green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits.

There is a lot of misconception related to healthy diet. One must understand that if some food is labeled as healthy that doesn’t mean that it can be consumed in large amount.
For ensuring weight loss, calorie consumed by a person should always be less than calories burnt. Therefore, portion control is equally important for ensuring weight loss.
Apart from the above mentioned precautions a factor that requires special mention is ‘Mental Health’. Good amount of sleep is as important as hydration or a balanced nutritious diet.
It can be suggested that shedding excess weight and maintaining optimal blood glucose will help reduce the risk of severe COVID infection apart from other health benefits associated with it.