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Healthy Diet Tips for Working Women

By Ritika Samaddar in Nutrition And Dietetics , Dietetics

Mar 11 , 2015 | 1 min read

Women strive hard to balance their personal & professional lives, and tend to compromise on their lifestyle, which can lead to many health issues. It’s important for women to ensure, proper healthy diet o be followed.

Start with the right breakfast

  • Avoid having too much caffeinated drinks, tea, coffee, cola as it dehydrates the body.
  • Eat at regular intervals, not leaving your stomach empty for not more than 4-5 hours. As it keeps your gut functioning properly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids & not just water as during summers the body gets depleted of important electrolytes replenish your body with coconut water, chaach, etc

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Limit salt intake

  • A bowl of oats, porridge with a glass of milk, handful of nuts & an egg if you want.

Evening snack

  • One need to have a in between snacks post lunch after 2-3 hours.
  • Always carry a handy snacks like nuts, fresh fruits, corns, chanas
  • Have beverages like lassi, fresh fruits
  • Prevent from having fast food/ Junk / fried food such as samosas, bread pakoras, etc..
  • Avoid having biscuits as they are very unhealthy & are filled with calories.

Diet modification on acidity

The reason for acidity might be of not eating at frequent intervals. Hence first have a routine in the diet plan.

  • Eat some healthy food items at every 2-3 hours.
  • Avoid very spicy & high fat foods.
  • Avoid too much of non-vegetarian food.
  • Include foods like fruits, whole grains & milk products to reduce acidity.

Reasons for poor bone health in women :

  • Increased intake of aerated drinks as it leeches out calcium from the bones.
  • High intake of salt intake reduces calcium absorption & reduced physical activity lowers absorption.
  • Vitamin D is a must for calcium absorption not many dietary sources hence expose yourself to sunlight especially during 9 AM to 1 PM.

Tips of bone health for women:

  • Main sources of calcium include minimum 2 glasses of milk a day to give you your daily requirement of calcium.
  • Other sources are yogurt, soya milk, whole pulses & broccoli.

Other important Factors

  • Exercise or physical activity is a must. Especially with growing age as the BMR or metabolic rate slows down after 30yrs of age. Hence it is recommended 30 to 40 mins of brisk physical activity all seven days in a week. eg- swimming, aerobics, walking, cycling, power yoga, gyming, dancing, etc
  • Ensure minimum of 6- 8 hours of sound sleep every day.