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5 Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Liver

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August 9, 2017 0 290 3 minutes, 12 seconds read
ritika final - Max Hospital
Regional Head - South Zone
Dietetics, Nutrition And Dietetics

Leading a healthy life is a dream of many. However, to lead a healthy life one needs to sacrifice on a lot of unhealthy things that one is feeding their body with. In today’s world of fast foods and harmful beverages, people often find it difficult to keep themselves away from consuming items that can severely cause damage to their health, especially the liver.

It’s a no brainer that a healthy liver is a secret to good health while an unhealthy one can become the rooting cause for life altering health issues that may lead to liver failure and possibly a reason for liver transplant in the future. So, now is the time to take good care of your liver instead of constantly treating it for granted. We at Max Healthcare, care for your health have listed five easy and useful lifestyle changes that will slowly improve the health of your liver. Take a look.

Start Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to give your liver a healthy life is by opting for a balanced and a healthy diet. We at Max Healthcare, always try to educate people the importance of nutrition. Making small changes in your eating pattern like start your day right by eating a healthy breakfast, indulge in healthy snacking, avoid taking too much processed or junk foods, detoxify your system by taking a lot of fluids, reduce salt and fat intake; include plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet, are some of the changes which will make your liver healthy.

Keep Away from Alcohol

Believe it or not, alcohol is your liver’s biggest enemy. Constant consumption of alcohol above the permissible limit can lead to severe liver damage or failure. Advisable is to consult an expert at any of the liver hospitals in Delhi to get properly investigated and informed about the disease. The majority of liver related illnesses if diagnosed early can be easily treated with lifestyle modifications and medications.

However, to keep yourself away from falling prey to situations that can lead to hospitalisation, we advise you to cut down on your alcohol consumption, if quitting is hard.

Quit Smoking

As dangerous as alcohol, smoking is another leading cause of liver damage. Cigarette smoke has harmful toxins that can travel to the liver and in return deteriorate and damage it over time. Also, if you are already suffering from any liver related disease, smoking can trigger it badly to worsen the condition. So, if you care about your liver’s health, quit smoking today.

Learn to Fight Stress

Not many of you would know the connection between liver health and stress. It might come as a shock to you, but stress is one of the biggest enemies of the liver. So, make sure you take out time to relax and unwind every 2-3 months to keep yourself from falling prey to stress. From travelling to signing up for Zumba classes or taking up a part time hobby, you can do anything and everything that makes you feel good from within. Just make sure you are never surrounded by stress.

Did We Mention Exercise?

Just like all other organs, your liver can also get benefited through the regular workout. Regular exercising lowers the chance of fat accumulation around the liver.  The danger of fatty liver is that it can lead to inflammation, thus causing a condition called Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (if the person is non-alcoholic). NASH can further cause hardening and scarring of the liver or even cirrhosis or liver cancer. Therefore, make sure you indulge in the regular workout as it helps burn out fat and stress.

If you are aiming for a healthy life of your liver and all other organs of your body, make sure you follow the health tips mentioned above for a life away from health risks.



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