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Escape Yourself From “SUGAR HI” Summers

By Medical Expert Team

May 25 , 2016 | 1 min read

Come summer and all one thinks of are the ways and means to cool off. The blazing sun and the ruthless hot and dry winds blowing through the day certainly makes one long for ice creams, sweets, cold sugary drinks etc. One tends to drink chilled aerated beverages and ice cold juices not giving a second thought to the high sugar content in these drinks. One estimate has shown that a 300 ml helping of a fizzy aerated drink have around 20 spoonfuls of sugar which is much more than required calories for an average adult human being. High sugar seems to not only give the so called "Sugar Hi" it somehow gives a feeling of relief from the heat, thereby further stimulating and reinforcing more sugar consumption. So a vicious cycle ensues whereby more calories are consumed and weight gain follows. 

To make matters worse Hot and humid conditions can cause heat related diseases as it promote sweating that somehow causes a feeling of listlessness due to fluid electrolyte loss. This further leads to a state where exercise and workouts take a backseat. A double whammy of sorts whereby hi sugar intake and absence of exercise invariably leads to a weight gain or even obesity! One of the main culprits during summer season is hi consumption of beer. Loaded with empty calories beer has been found to stimulate eating behaviours. This further leads to weight gain.

How to Beat the Heat?

  • The best way to counter heat is to keep adequately hydrated and not consume sugary drinks.
  • Drinking plain water is enough to give relief from the hot and muggy weather conditions. Other low calorie beneficial substitutes include coconut water, lassi and nimbu paani.
  • A great way to beat the heat and yet burn off the calories is to enjoy a swim. This way the ill effects of hi sugar consumption could be countered easily.

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Medical Expert Team