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Everything About Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery

By Medical Expert Team

Mar 25 , 2022 | 1 min read


What is Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery?

Laparoscopic or Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery (with or without robotic aid) provides an outcome similar to the open procedure. Also, the surgical complications and the post-operative recovery time can be lowered with Laparoscopic Surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery is not a treatment by itself; it is a treatment modality. Without modifying the surgery, it modifies the approach by which surgery is carried out. It can be used for its ecacy, patient recovery, and easy procedure.

How beneficial is Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery?

  1. Shorter stay in the hospital
  2. Shorter stay in an intensive care unit
  3. Less blood loss
  4. Lesser possibilities of ventilatory support
  5. An improved cosmesis due to scarless or Keyhole Surgery
  6. Less pain due to small cut as compared with open surgery

How to perform Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery?

Laparoscopic or Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery is the most complicated surgery to perform, which needs expertise. Small incisions of 4-5 mm are made on the abdominal region of the patient. A high magnification camera is inserted through one of the incisions, and the surgery is performed through other incisions. The surgery provides precise outcomes because of the magnification. The tumour is removed from the body after the surgical process through a small incision. This surgical method results in less pain to the patient, an early recovery, and lesser blood loss.

Expert opinion on Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery

Dr Archit Pandit, Senior Consultant - Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, believes that many patients still feel that Laparoscopic Surgery is not effective in eliminating the tumour from the body in comparison to open surgery. Laparoscopic Surgery is much better for various body tumours including Oesophageal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Uterine Cancer, and Rectal Cancer as compared to open surgeries. Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery include less pain, improved results, and patient's early recovery.

According to him, the removal of tumours is essential rather than the mode of treatment. However, he believes that with the technological advancement, scars, and accompanying misery of open Cancer surgery can be avoided by choosing Laparoscopic or Minimal Access Cancer Surgery.

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Medical Expert Team