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Care for Eyes Against Smog & Pollution!

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November 8, 2016 0 248 1 minute, 47 seconds read
Eye Care, Ophthalmology

Smog is becoming a real concern these days because it is gradually building up. It cannot do any good to your body and all the effects will only be negative. Have you thought how is it affecting your eyes? Are you not experiencing constant itching? Dr. Parul Sharma, Ophthalmologist at Max Healthcare says, the most common areas affected are:

  • Eyes
  • Throat and
  • Lungs

You can also experience problems like Dry Eyes or Allergic Conjuctivitis, burning sensation, itchy and sore eyes, sensitivity to air and sun and mild blurring of vision. This problem can be aggravated for those who are spending time outdoors or using computers. 

Few tips for Care for Eyes:

  • Eyes need moisture to remain comfortable. You can do this by blinking more often and splashing water on your eyes. Every time you blink your eyes, a tear film is generated by larcimal gland and is spread on eye surface. Tears are made up of three layers, including water, oil and mucin. Each layer has a purpose for the well being of our eyes. Blinking often refreshes and moistens your eyes. Additionally, you can use preservative free lubricating eye drops or ointment to moisturize your eyes.   


  • Take Dietary advice- Consuming Omega 3 Fatty acids create a healthier tear film.


  • Take frequent breaks during computer work. Adopt a 15:15 Mantra i.e. Close your eyes for 15secs every 15mins.


  • Your eyes need sufficient light to read and write to decrease the eye strain.


  • When travelling or outside, get wrap-around sunglasses or clear glasses to cut exposure to dust n smog. This is all the more applicable for contact lens wearers.


  • Maintaining good air quality indoors. Plants like Sansevieria (mother in law plant) , money plant  & Areca Palm are NASA researched best plants to keep in rooms to naturally purify air. 4 plants of shoulder height should be kept in a room and it should be closed most of the times. Air Purifiers with HEPA filters and humidifiers can also be used by sensitive eye people.


  • For red eyes, discharge, constant foreign body sensation or allergic symptoms, visit your eye doctor as this will need medication in form of eye drops.


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