How to Increase Chances of Normal Delivery?

By Dr. Manju Khemani in Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Mar 01 , 2018 | 1 min read

I believe caesarean delivery is a lifestyle disease. Normal delivery is what nature wanted us to have...So what can you do to increase chances of normal delivery?

Dr. Manju Khemani, Director & Head of Unit, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket gives us 8 quick tips on how you can increase the chance of normal delivery.
  • Be mentally prepared to achieve normal delivery. You cannot achieve something unless you really want it.
  • Gain optimum weight by minding what you eat. - Average Indian woman should gain 9-11 Kgs in entire pregnancy. An overweight woman should try to gain only 7 Kgs in entire pregnancy. In your diet, you should include nutritious food like 500ml toned milk,4-5 almonds, and at least two walnuts to provide omega 3 fatty acid. Include minimum 2 fruits and lots of salad with each meal. Protein intake should be increased, so include one egg, Dal chicken Chana sprouts and paneer minimum 4 things.
  • Do not increase cereals in your diet. By that I mean if you were eating two chapatis before pregnancy then continue the same. Do not increase the quantity of rice or chapati. Have some ghee on your chapati but do not eat dollops of ghee. It will only make you fat without giving added advantage.
  • Remember if you gain too much weight chances are that you might have a big baby who is likely to be an obese adult. So avoid juices cakes sweets fried food cashew nuts, biscuits and excessive bread.
  • High-quality evidence indicates that moderate exercise for 30 mts should be an integral part of pregnancy.It will lower chances of caesarean section.
  • Attend pregnancy workshops and learn pregnancy yoga from a trained expert. You must consult your obstetrician before following the advice.
  • When you are in labour let somebody be with you throughout labour. How long labour will last nobody can predict so have patience. Walking jumping on a birthing ball can help you divert your attention from pain. If you are unable to tolerate pain no harm in taking epidural analgesia.
Rest leave it to nature.