How Should you Choose Your Gynecologist?

By Medical Expert Team

Jul 13 , 2017 | 1 min read

Isn’t Pregnancy a unique process- A once in a lifetime experience for any mum to be! Your choice of a gynaecologist to deliver your baby plays a very important role in your pregnancy outcome and your life post-delivery!

Dr Uma Vaidyanathan says few things you should keep in mind before deciding your gynaecologist:

  • The reputation of the gynaecologist- In the era of the internet, this can easily be found from online reviews. You can get a fair idea about the doctor's track record of hassle free deliveries, availability at your choice of hospital or clinic, office hours, accessibility on phone after office hours and nature of the response to patient queries.


  • References from peers or your friends who have just delivered. This will give you a fair idea of the gynaecologist's approach to patients and whether it matches your own vision and expectations about how your pregnancy should be managed!


  • Insurance cover- Since many policies cover pregnancy, you must check out the hospitals where your policy is valid and what is the delivery team in a place like? Does the setup where your gynaecologist operates matches up to your needs and expectations? 


  • How approachable is the gynaecologist? You may zero in on 3-4 names after researching and finally meet each one of them. Consider asking them questions about their training, years of experience, experience in handling difficult deliveries, who attend to their patients in case they are on leave, approach towards normal/ caesarian deliveries and options they offer for pain relief in labour. The vibes during the visit and the comfort level of the doctor in answering your queries should give you a clear idea of how things will be with them.


All in all, at the end of it, you should feel comfortable communicating your thoughts, have faith in your gynaecologist and feel involved in decision making related to your pregnancy. Conversations with your gynaecologist should always be bidirectional, effective and effortless!

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