Increased Prevalence of Urological Disease Due To Ageing Population Affecting Quality Of Life

By Medical Expert Team

Mar 09 , 2015 | 1 min read

World over average life span has increased and in India too average life span is more than 67 years. Today ageing population in 70-80 is not uncommon. This leads to increased incidence of urological disease usually as well quality of life.

Common problem of ageing is prostate disease. With ageing prostate enlarge and affect flow of urine. Enlargement can be because of benign enlargement or because of cancer. In both cases, treatment options are different. Sample blood test (serum PSA) done annually can give an indication of above disease.

Common symptoms of prostate enlargement of any cause are lower tract symptoms (LUTS) in form of frequency, urgency, urge incontinence, difficulty in passing urine which if severe disturb sleep.

Today various options of management of both diseases are available. More than 60% of BPH can be managed only by medical treatment. If uncontrolled, then various minimal measure options like TURP, Bipolar TURP, Laser Prostatectomy are available and patient is free from hospital within 3 days.

Even in cancer prostate cure is possible. Early stage cancer prostate can be cured by removal of Whole prostate (Radical Prostatectomy) which can be performed by Open Laparoscopy and Robotic method. Results in each depend not upon technique but competency of surgeon. If disease is wide spread, then also it can be controlled by hormonal therapy (injection given at interval of 3 months).

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In few cases disease can become hormone refractory then we can mange by chemotherapy.

All options are available to lead good quality of life in ageing population.

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