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Who should get IVF done?

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August 29, 2019 0 1 minute, 25 seconds read

IVF must only be done on women where it is actually indicated. It is indicated in the following situations where natural or IUI conception is difficult:

  • Women who have been trying for many years and have undergone at least 4 IUI would be recommended IVF as they are unexplained infertility and where cause is not known IVF does what is not happening in the body
  • Bilateral tubal block: When both tubes are blocked the egg cannot reach the womb. In this case IVF is the only option as in IVF the egg is taken out fertilized with sperm and put back
  • Very low sperm count and motility of sperm – The sperm does not have the capacity to swim up and fertilize the egg. In this case IVF helps as this is done outside the body
  • Poor egg reserve – In older women or those with premature ovarian failure the quantity and quality of eggs go down. In that case a donor egg is required which is fertilized with husbands sperm and then deposited in the uterus
  • Surgically removed uterus or where the uterus is damaged as with severe tuberculosis – Surrogacy can be done where the embryo is deposited in a woman who carries the baby to term
  • Absent sperms in semen – testicular sperm aspiration or micro test is used to extract sperms from testis These sperms fertilize the egg through ICSI and the resulting embryo is deposited in the uterus
  • PGD: In case one partner is afflicted with a genetic disease IVF is done and the resulting embryo is biopsied (PGD) to check for that genetic disease. Only that embryo is transferred in uterus which are genetically normal
  • Severe endometriosis
  • PCOS not responding to simple treatment like IUI

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