Know About the New 1.5 Silent MRI System!

By Medical Expert Team

May 29 , 2017 | 1 min read


If you have gone through an MRI scan, then you will be the first one to agree that the noise conventional MRI scanners generate is almost like one is attending a rock concert. The discomfort the patient goes through during an MRI scan is troublesome because these scanners have the capability to make noise levels more than 110 dBA. A confined and claustrophobic space can cause stress in the patients and this makes it difficult for the MRI technicians to conduct the process.

Dr. Rajeev Malhotra says, to do away with this old system (which makes noise equivalent to a jet engine), we introduce a GE Explorer 1.5 SILENT MRI system, which enables the technicians to do the scans without any noise. This system has increased the quality of scans as the patients do not move during the scans.

What are the features of New MRI system?

Mentioned below are a few capabilities of the system:

Neurosilent: By using the Acoustic Reduction Technology, it compliances with 99% reduction in sound pressure, thereby enhancing patient comfort.
The advanced neuroimaging applications like:

  • Non-Contrast/ASL identifies the risk of ischemia in acute stroke (diffusion-perfusion mismatch)
  • Contrast perfusion in brain tumours
  • Susceptibility weighted imaging has multiple applications including identification and distinction of microhemorrhages and calcification, small vessel assessment.
  • MR spectroscopy for tumour imaging

- Breast MRI for dynamic contrast enhanced kinetic evaluation

- Peripheral MR angiographies: Contrast and noncontrast (for renal-compromised patients)

- Multiparametric Prostate imaging with focus diffusion

- Advanced abdominal imaging (3D sequences, diffusion imaging and chemical shift imaging)






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