Know About Our High Power Holmium Laser For Management of Enlarged Prostate!

By Dr. Anil Kumar Varshney in Urology

Jul 06 , 2017 | 1 min read


Health problems related to enlargement of prostate gland  dates back since early human civilisation. Poor urinary flows, pain during urination, increased frequency of urination with involuntary leakage are usual symptoms. Normally patients tend to ignore these symptoms due to embarrassment and reluctance to visit a doctor. This flares up the problem causing recurrent urinary tract infections, blood in urine, inability to pass urine and renal failure. Medical treatment can control them in many scenarios but surgical treatment is required in cases not responding to drugs. Delaying surgery is usually due to fear, leading to complications as mentioned above.

Development of science has led to the miniaturisation of endoscopic equipment and refinements in energy sources. Open surgery was the main stay in management earlier but now is rarely required.  The discipline of urology has undergone a dramatic transformation, much more than other specialities. Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) was the standard treatment for the management of enlarged prostate earlier but after the evolution of lasers, enlarged prostate surgery were possible with better safety, less bleeding and better efficacy. Holmium Laser is most common laser used in Urology

What are the Advantages of Holmium Laser:

  • Causes less bleeding in post-operative period and less hospital stay with faster recovery
  • Urinary flow with Laser Prostate Surgery (HoLEP) is better than that with TURP.  It is superior in relieving urinary flow obstruction.
  • Chances of recurrence are minimal with longer durable results
  • Patients who are critically ill and normally considered unfit for TURP, i.e., those with significant medical conditions, such as major cardiac illness, renal diseases, advanced diabetes, bleeding disorders, anticoagulant dependency, respiratory problems and significant anaemia can be treated safely with the holmium laser.  

HoLEP can be an effective alternative but is not suitable for patients with severe prostate issues. It is necessary to schedule a consultation with a urologist to know about your treatment plan and options.