Know How to Treat Shaky Hands

By Medical Expert Team

Apr 27 , 2017 | 1 min read

Mum, why are your hands are shaking? Is it some sort of deficiency or tremors? Let us go visit the doctor- I heard my friend saying to her mother. On visiting DR. SANJEEV KUMAR GUPTA they were presented with the actual facts. A lot of individuals above 60 years can be seen to have shaky hands/tremors. They actually happen when you are actively using your hands. Though experts say they are not related to any neurological conditions like Parkinson’s. Shaky hands can be associated with a lot of conditions, the most common causes being:

- Anxiety or panic attacks

- Caffeine overdose

- Essential tremors

- Hyperthyroidism

- Side effects of medications

- Cerebellar disease

- Withdrawal symptoms

- Reduced blood sugar levels

Resting tremors occur while your hands are at rest and they immediately demand the attention of a neurologist. 

How to manage shaky hands?

Your neurologist will only recommend treatment for tremors if it is hampering your way of life. You will be asked to take:

  • Medications
  • Undergo Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for patients who are not responding to treatment. The neurosurgeon will implant electrodes in the brain that can help in reducing the intensity of tremors. 

Are there any exercises for shaky hands?

  • Meet a doctor to give you expert guidance on the kind of exercises you can do.
  • Use a small stress ball to strengthen the hand affected by tremors.
  • Perform body-weight exercises with an expert guidance to strengthen the hand muscles.
  • Use a lightweight dumbbell to exercise and strengthen the arm muscles.

The best way to handle shaky hands is to seek Neurology expert help at the earliest. The more you delay seeking help, the higher chances for the symptoms to persist and worsen.

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