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Nov 16 , 2020 | 1 min read


For many patients, the morning trip to the toilet is an ordeal, associated with pain and bleeding while passing stools. They may have piles, with or without painful cuts in the anus (fissures). While medicines offer temporary relief the problem invariably recurs.

What Can You Feel?

Patients often experience discomfort associated with the embarrassment of a pus discharge in the perianal region or back. They may be suffering from fistula–in-ano, or a pilonidal sinus.

People are reluctant to discuss these issues due to embarrassment and suffer silently for years without seeking treatment. Hundreds of medical therapies are offered in the market under various systems of medicine – allopathic or otherwise, and yet they only bring temporary relief from the symptoms. The problem continues to persist.

Treatment For Piles

Often definitive treatment means surgery. This involves cutting in the affected areas and is commonly known to be painful, with a prolonged recovery, multiple dressings, and visits to the clinic. Despite undergoing so much discomfort, there is a significant risk of recurrence.

A stapled surgery is now done for larger piles with significantly reduced pain and recovery time. Such a laser surgery for piles is ideal for patients with large prolapsing piles.

Laser Treatment For Piles

Laser surgery, however, is even less invasive and utilized in case of piles treatment which can make the whole experience much better. No tissues need to be cut. The affected area is simply treated with laser energy in a precise and focused manner and the problem is solved within a few minutes. Patients can resume their normal lives immediately after the laser treatment for piles.

What Can Be Treated With Laser Surgery?

Currently, we offer laser treatment for piles and other following conditions:

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