Meditation Makes Your Pregnancy Smoother

By Dr. Ankita Chandna in Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Jun 14 , 2016 | 2 min read

Pregnancy can sometimes be stressful for you, but it can be made a joyful experience if you integrate your body, mind and spirit and use your spirit force as a panacea of all troubles during pregnancy.  It has been observed in recent years that meditation has been very helpful in reducing the hustle-bustle of stressful life as well as in reducing the complication rate in pregnancy. Besides this, it also develops harmony, a restful and positive attitude towards life.

"The essence of harmoniously handling a blissful pregnancy lies in the ability to first gain complete control over the mind and then body. The studies of maternal confidence during labor have found evidence to support the hypothesis that increased will power can reduce perceived pain during childbirth. Thus, meditation during pregnancy can help you to focus on the divinity of childbirth process and transform the anxiety into energy to stand the pain in a positive manner."

It is important to take out a few minutes to breathe every day, relax and connect with your baby. Hearing your own voice in the form of a long, deep hum is very powerful. This gives you an inner strength and prepares you better to handle stress, which makes your baby feels more relaxed.

Every time you get worked up on something or feel stressed, your heart beat increases, blood pressure rises and oxygen level drops and your baby feels the effects of all such things. Hence, when you breathe rapidly, the baby is left with less oxygen and is put in a state if uneasiness.

Meditation keeps you calm, reduces stress and balances your emotions. It supports an easy delivery with minimum distress and fatigue during process of labor. Whatever time you take to meditate in the morning (or whenever you choose to) stays with you throughout your day. This instills a sense of calm and clarity within yourself each day and makes you a relaxed person as well as helps in controlling your own emotions.  

Some of the actual physical effects of meditation during pregnancy include:

  • Stress relief
  • Increased production of DHEA which supports your immune system! DHEA also helps to prevent depression during and after birth
  • Melatonin levels are also increased; this is another mood-enhancing hormone
  • Helps to prevent pre-eclampsia which is caused by high blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increases milk production

Expecting mothers can learn to manage stress and make motherhood an enjoyable experience and overcome her doubts and fears related to childbirth. It is the best preventive and curative therapy for many ailments that can occur during pregnancy