MIGRAINE - Treatable Disease

By Medical Expert Team

May 12 , 2020 | 1 min read

Few Important Facts

  • Migraine is a special type of treatable headache requiring specific medicines for treatment.
  • Untreated frequent headaches can lead to reduced work efficiency, relationship issues, depression etc.
  • It is more prevalent than Diabetes Mellitus, Epilepsy & Asthma combined. It is ranked globally seventh most disabling disease amongst all diseases.  
  • Patients have recurrent one sided/ both sided (50%) headache, neck pain (Misdiagnosed as cervical spondylosis), forehead pain (misdiagnosed as sinus pain). It may be associated with spinning, vomiting (misdiagnosed as stomach problem), visual symptoms and aversion to light and sound.
  • Migraine patients can have isolated symptoms like vomiting, vision problems or neurological symptoms without headache, thus missing the diagnosis.
  • Migraine can occur in children also, but symptoms are not same as in adults. Shorter duration and both sided headaches are more common in children. 
  • Triggering factors like stress, sleep changes, fasting, travelling, exposure to sun, bright light and sound, alcohol, certain foods (in 25% of migraine patients only) can precipitate migraine.
  • Medicines are given for immediate relief of acute headache and for prevention of frequent headaches.
  • Medicines given for immediate relief, if consumed frequently can itself cause headache, which is known as medicine over use headache.
  • Medicines for prevention of frequent headache are commonly given for 6-8 months only.
  • Chronic migraine patients can be treated with Botox Injection.
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