Mordern World Of Painless Dentistry

By Dr. Sanjit Singh in Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery , Dental Care

Nov 07 , 2020 | 3 min read


When most of us hear the word DENTIST, a shiver runs down our spine and the thought of the dreaded drill and pain makes us run in the opposite direction. For a long period of time pain and dentistry have been associated together and have made a great team, but the time has finally come for them to part ways.

Welcome to the Modern World of Painless Dentistry.

With the advent of new technology, knowledge and latest equipment, dentistry has become almost pain free. We could even go to the extent of stating that if a Dentist in this era of modern dentistry is causing significant pain and discomfort to their patients, they are performing imperfect dentistry.

For those who may not be aware, Dentistry has various branches and specialties. There are specialist dentists who have their expertise in these various fields which include but are not limited to pediatric patients, oral surgery, root canal procedures, orthodontics and so on.

A good dentist should be aware of their limitations and should not hesitate in referring the patients to the concerned specialist as and when needed. This ensures superior quality of dental care as well emphasis our point resulting in minimum discomfort to the patient.

Most of us consider Root Canal Treatment to be a torture and relate it with severe pain and discomfort.  But to our delight, in this new world of dental care, a root canal procedure when performed by a skilled dentist is almost painless and can even be completed in a single visit depending on the case.

It is performed under local anesthesia, using the latest equipment which include the Apex Locator (which tells us the exact extent of the root canal reducing the need for unnecessary x-rays), High magnification using loupes or a microscope and latest rotary instruments to achieve the perfect Root Canal Treatment.

Even the administration of Local anesthesia is painless now, with the advent of the latest delivery system using extremely thin needles at very low speed. The pre application of a topical spray or jelly makes the procedure even more comfortable.

For sensitive patients Local Anesthesia, could be administered even for   general dental procedures such as a restoration (filling) or deep cleaning.  The idea is to make the entire dental treatment as comfortable for the patient as possible.

Nowadays, people are extremely conscious about their physical appearance and desire the perfect set of teeth and that million dollar smile.

Good news is that now it is easily possible to achieve this goal by orthodontics or aesthetic dentistry.

In the years gone by, Orthodontics meant fixing a persons smile and aligning the teeth in position using unaesthetic wires and metal.

 The modern world of dentistry offers the option of invisible aligners (Invisalign). These are transparent plastic aligners which are custom made according to the patient’s dental architecture and treatment plan. The patients are able to witness the final result by computer simulation and planning before the treatment is begun.

Once the aligners are fabricated, the patients are advised to wear them for certain duration to achieve the desired results.

In cases where the time is limited or the patient does not desire orthodontic intervention or wish to wait for months to achieve the desired smile it brings us to - The World of Aesthetic Dentistry and Smile Designing.

  Smile Designing involves

  •  Assessing a patients smile and aesthetic demands
  • Taking a set of pictures and models
  • Creating the desired smile design using computer imaging and wax up
  • Then transferring this new smile onto the patients existing set of teeth for the patient and the dentist to judge and make the necessary alterations.

This transferring of the newly designed smile onto the patients existing unaltered teeth is known as a mock up or trial smile.

The greatest advantage of this mock up is that the patient can decide at this stage if they like the new smile design, make the necessary changes or even refuse to go ahead with the treatment plan.

Once the patient is satisfied with the new smile design, thin layers of ceramic veneers are fabricated and cemented on the existing teeth after minimal tooth preparation.

The desired smile can be achieved in a span of a few days to weeks.

To conclude, in this Modern world of Dentistry, superior quality and perfect dental care can be achieved with minimal discomfort if the latest technology and knowledge are incorporated

So no need to run away from your dentist anymore, just make sure you know which one to go to.