Is Muscle Soreness Causing Trouble?

By Dr. L. Tomar in Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Nov 08 , 2020 | 2 min read

There is nothing more painful than working with stiff muscles. Sore muscles are your worst enemies and decrease your performance at your workplace ot home significantly. On neglecting this problem, it may inevitable lead to more pain in various parts of body. It is advisable to try out below mentioned suggestions to prevent muscle stiffness and soreness:

  • Stay hydrated as water is an excellent rehydrator. During or after a heavy workout we tend to overdo it without realizing that it can cause sore muscles.Drinking more of cherry juice can reduce muscle soreness because of its high level of antioxidants. The juice can be a good stress buster to your post-workout routine. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your workout will keep your muscles feeling their best. On the other hand, try to limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol as it can cause dehydration, making your muscles more sore and painful.


  • Consume Carbohydrate Diet: Dr. L. Tomar says, it is important to have a carbohydrate rich diet as post workout, our body will not be able to produce insulin, a hormone that strengthens the muscle. Carbohydrates also replace muscle and liver glycogen to provide energy.


  • Stretch: It is important to stretch your muscles to avoid stiffening and helping them become more flexible. To relieve muscle soreness it is best to practice yoga and stretching exercises. This will ensure a better blood flow and would speed up your recovery.


  • Massage: When you gently massage your overworked muscles, it reduces inflammation as nutrient rich blood flows through them, increasing your chances of recovery. More importantly, it is necessary to massage tight knots in hard to reach areas like back and shoulders.


  • Warm bath and Epsom Salts: Warm baths are soothing and relaxing as they help to ease stiff muscles and increases blood circulation.This loosens the tight muscles and supplies more oxygen nutrient rich blood to rescue your aching muscles. A warm bath also helps you to sleep better and wake up fresh.

You must know that heat increases circulation so to cure your ills and prevent muscle soreness, warm baths are much effective. Moreover, addition of Epsom salts (a prime source of magnesium) is a gentle natural muscle relaxant. These salts when added to water are better absorbed by skin for quick healing of muscles.


  • Ice & heat packs are an effective way of treating muscle soreness as it rejuvenates the blood circulation and keeps you relaxed. After a heavy workout, if you apply ice pack for atleast 15 minutes, i
  • it recuperates muscles. A combination of cold with hot is said to highly effective in treating sore muscles in various parts of body.
  • Compression: There was theory behind compression clothing and muscle soreness which states that super-tight shirts, shorts, and other form-fitting sports gear push our blood through veins, and thereby helping you slow fatigue. “There was research that supports the use of compression gear to enhance quick muscle soreness recovery.