Neurological Disorders: 5 Symptoms Your Must Not Ignore
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Never Ignore These 5 Neurological DISORDER & DISEASES SYMPTOMS

Home >> Blogs >> Neurology Neurosciences >> Never Ignore These 5 Neurological DISORDER & DISEASES SYMPTOMS

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Neurology, Neurosciences

What are neurological disorders & diseases?

The human body is no less than a miracle. Made up of complex yet incredible systems, its unbelievable functions can even leave doctors and scientists confounded. One such system is the neurological system of the human body. With billions of nerve cells or neurons, our body performs various voluntary and involuntary activities helping us in our daily tasks.

However, if there is any problem in the neurological system, a person can have difficulties in moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing, or learning. According to the doctors, there are over 600 neurologic diseases including Huntington's disease, Migraines, Degenerative diseases, epilepsy, brain tumours and meningitis to name a few.

Having a neurological disease can leave a deep impact not just on the patient’s life but on the life of others related to them as well. It is very crucial that one should seek medical assistance from the best neurologist in India as soon as possible when detected any neurological symptoms.

5 Neurological Disorder & Diseases Symptoms 

Now, if you are not aware of such symptoms then read the list carefully and never ignore these 5 Neurological symptoms:


It is one of the most common symptoms of neurological diseases. The individual may suffer from different types of pain such as back pain, neck pain, or the pain in the muscles and joint. Chronic headaches are also a part of neurological symptoms. There are cases where the chronic pain might be an age-related change. However, one cannot skip the fact that it may also be the sign directing the problem in the nervous system.

Difficulties with Memory

If there is a difficulty in memorizing information due to lack of concentration power, then a person might have a progressive neurological disease such as Agnosia. As the individual cannot concentrate on what is being said, he/she will not be able to process the information and hence will not remember anything. There are times when the long-term memory often remains intact, but the short-term memories fade away from the person’s mind.


Another symptom is numbness, i.e., partial or complete loss of sensation. In such a situation, the person is not able to feel any sensation whether it is related to touch, pain, vibration or temperature. They may not be able to use their body part properly and hence have difficulties in balance, coordination, walking, and driving or doing any other physical work.  If the numbness continues to affect the person for a long time, then one should immediately consult a doctor to prevent any other major problem.

Sleep Issues

Like numbness, sleep problems are also related to neurological symptoms. Insomnia and Hypersomnia are the two commonly known sleep disorders that can critically affect your health. While in insomnia, you will not be able to sleep, hypersomnia makes you sleep excessively. These disorders then give way to anxiety that again is another symptom of neurological disorders.

Partial or complete loss of vision

When there is some damage to the brain's occipital lobe that controls the vision, a person may get affected by the partial or complete loss of vision. This neurological vision impairment is associated with symptoms such as blurry or hazy vision, double vision, photophobia (a problem in bright light), etc. The person is also not able to perceive and interpret his/her surrounding making it difficult for him/her to interact with people.

If you have doubt that you or any of your acquaintance may be suffering from any of these symptoms, then you must visit the best neurologist in India to get proper medical assistance as early as possible. Many top hospitals like Max Healthcare have on-boarded the best neurologists from India to help and guide those suffering from neurological disorders.

Early detection and prevention is always the best option to cope with such disorders. The other thing that is most essential is the support and care. If people suffering from any of these symptoms get a strong support system and care from the people around them, it becomes easy for them to cope with their feeling of helplessness and depression that can make their healing effective and faster.


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