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What to Avoid When Someone is Having a Stroke?

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February 2, 2018 0 32 2 minutes, 39 seconds read
Dr Manoj Khanal - Max Hospital
Principal Consultant & Unit Head
Neurology, Neurosciences

Stroke is often known as a silent killer because it can happen without any warning and remains as one of the leading causes of death and disability around the world. When someone experiences a stroke, there is an immediate stop of the blood supply to the brain. The blood flow stops because a blood vessel ruptures or there is a blockage in a blood vessel. It is a deadly instance because people can have a stroke and not know about it, leading to a permanent damage in the brain. Stroke is a severe medical condition that requires immediate medical intervention. We at Max Healthcare have a dedicated centre of neurosciences and the best neurologist in Delhi for stroke treatment.

Stroke can be life-threatening and can even lead to permanent disability. There are certain essential things that a person suffering from stroke or the ones near them must follow in case of such an instance.

Here are things to avoid when someone is having a stroke:

Do not Let the patient Go to Sleep

It is important not to let the person who’s experiencing a stroke to go to sleep. People who have a stroke usually feel sleepy, and all that happens suddenly without any warning signs. Stroke treatment is time sensitive and letting a person sleep can be life-threatening. Even if the person is refusing to visit a hospital, it is important to call an ambulance and take them before any considerable damage.

Do not Drive them to the hospital

It is never advisable to drive a stroke patient to the hospital and never let the person drive themselves as stroke can impair the ability to drive safely. Always call an ambulance whenever someone is a having a stroke. Ambulances are equipped with necessary life-saving equipment, drugs and healthcare professionals who can immediately save the life of the patient. Emergency responders can start life-saving treatment as soon as they reach the patient which can help minimise damage.

Refrain from giving the patient anything to Eat or Drink

It is better to avoid eating or drinking when the person is experiencing a stroke. Since a stroke can cause muscle weakness throughout the body and can even lead to paralysis, a person suffering from a stroke can choke on food, water and have difficulty in swallowing.

Do not Give Them Any Medication

Do not self-medicate the person having a stroke. Usually, people believe that giving aspirin will help, but it does not because it is not always a blood clot that causes a stroke. It can be caused by a ruptured blood vessel and giving aspirin in such a situation will make the bleeding worse. To maximise chances of survival, it is essential to call an ambulance right away.

The points mentioned above are critical and must be followed without fail. A stroke can be deadly and life-threatening, so it is crucial never to delay in seeking medical attention. Most people will wait and observe if the symptoms will improve; however, it is one of worst things to do as it increases the chances of death or disability significantly. Remember, every second count when someone is experiencing a stroke. So, act wisely and fast!

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