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8 Silent Signs of Brain Tumor You Should Know

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January 16, 2018 0 380 2 minutes, 49 seconds read
Dr. Arun Saroha
Director - Neurosurgery, Saket and Gurgaon & Head - Neurosurgery, Gurgaon
Neurosciences, Neurosurgery

Primary brain tumours arise from the numerous cells that form the brain and central nervous system. The most common types of adult brain tumours are gliomas which are a type of an astrocytic tumour. This tumour forms from astrocytes along with other types of glial cells, which are cells that help in keeping nerves healthy. Another most common type of adult brain tumour is a meningeal tumour. These tumours form in the meninges, which is the thin layer of tissue that covers the spinal cord and brain.

Here are 8 silent signs of a brain tumor one should know:


The occurrence of seizures or fits, particularly in those patients who do not have a medical history of fits, seizures or epilepsy is another sign of brain tumour. Approximately one-third of patients diagnosed with brain tumour report a seizure before being diagnosed with a tumour. Seizures can cause intense abnormal movements in the body of the patient, with or without the loss of consciousness. Other than that, seizures can also cause unrestrained and prolonged staring along with visual disturbance such as flashes of light.

Cognitive Decline

A brain tumour may also affect the brain’s processing speed.  If it takes longer than usual for a person to complete basic tasks, consulting a doctor is recommended. Disruption in concentration power and memory loss can be significant signs of a brain tumour.

Hearing Problems

Brain tumours can also disturb a person’s hearing ability. Some of the unusual disturbances experienced by an individual include hearing loss and a ringing sensation in the ears.


Not all types of headaches are a sign of a brain tumour. Persistent headaches which do not react to any treatments, such as over-the-counter medication are the best indicator of a brain tumour. Also, headaches which are usually severe in the morning than in the afternoon and are accompanied by vomiting or nausea, double vision, numbness or weakness alone also indicate a brain tumour.


If an individual has a brain tumour, their right or left leg or arm may not respond the way they are used to--or at all. One may also experience clumsiness in walking along with weakened muscles and frequent loss of balance.

Speech Problems

An apparent lag in speech is seen in individuals with brain tumours. For instance difficulty in naming objects, stuttering, or difficulty in grasping what others are saying are some of the key symptoms of a brain tumour.

Vision Loss

Individuals experiencing this symptom may not be aware of it at all--let alone relate it to a brain tumour. They may not even realise a difference in their visual quality until they continually meet up with accidents because of poor eyesight. This symptom is known as bitemporal hemianopsia.

Personality Changes

Individuals may also experience changes in personality. One may become more agitated or angry, acting overtly uninhibited or showing loss of shyness. A brain tumour can even alter nature as well as judgment.

Other brain tumour symptoms include extreme sensitivity towards heat or cold, altered taste perception, obesity, and hand tremors. Some types of brain tumours proliferate while other tumours grow gradually. Considering all these factors, a doctor can determine how soon the brain tumour treatment should start after the diagnosis. Timely detection, as well as a proper brain tumour treatment, can work in favour of the patient and can quicken the progress towards a tumour-free life.

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