Pregnancy in Summers- tips and tricks to beat the heat!

By Medical Expert Team

Jul 21 , 2018 | 2 min read

Summers may be pretty taxing in pregnancy due to the heat and risk of dehydration, coupled by decreased mobility and postural imbalances related to pregnancy. But here are some cool tips for the mom to be to tide over the summers with elan!!



Keep fluid intake high!Since you’ll be constantly downing drinks, you might as well make it a fun one. Mixed fruit smoothies with a dash of lime, chilled buttermilk, coconut water are a few options.

Swelling in feet-

Sit comfortably at work with legs elevated slightly on footsteps. This will help decrease the swelling due to prolonged sitting.Simple foot and ankle exercises also help, so does restricting salt in diet.Keep your legs up on the pillows while you are sleeping. Do not sit while hanging the legs down during pregnancy. Right choice of footwear too, is very important. Since leg swelling is a common problem, shoes that are a comfort fit go a long way helping you walk around comfortably in pregnancy. Avoid heels as much as possible. Take good care of your feet by massaging them regularly and dipping them in warm saline water daily at least once. This helps bring down the swelling.


Extremely hot weather-

Restrict outdoor activity, especially avoid going out in the afternoon.Nothing stops you from taking a splash in the pool, if you have access to a good clean one. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to swimming, and its definitely a very good and safe form of exercise, plus the added benefit of cooling your nerves down in the summers. Remember to apply sunscreen before you swim, or you may be troubled later with a nasty sunburn!


Sweating excessively can be a huge problem in pregnancy,andits not just weather related, but also hormone related!Wear light, breathable, comfortable ,loose maternity clothes. This will protect you from overheating and allow sweat—especially beneath and between your breasts—to evaporate, preventing nasty rashes. 

Loss of appetite-

One may not feel too hungry during peak summers. But you do need to pay extra attention to your diet while you are pregnant especially during summer days. You should include more and leafier vegetables in your diet along with the moderate quantity of fruits that provide you the entire required nutrient for you and your baby. Small frequent meals at fixed timings during the day will help maintain the metabolism of the body and keep you and your baby healthy.


Lack of sleep-

Many moms to be complain of sleeplessness, either due to heat or more commonly due to backaches and body aches due to the baby bump. Proper rest is required to eliminate stress. Make sure your bedroom has the right temperature that should not disturb your sleep. Using maternity pillows to support your tummy helps. You must take a good restfulsleep at night but along with that, you should also have a small nap during the day as well to keep yourself comfortable.










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