Short Stay Surgeries & Gynae Issues

By Dr S.N. Basu in Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Apr 16 , 2015 | 2 min read

About 80-90% of benign gynaecological conditions may now be managed in the OPD or by minimal access short stay surgery.

Medical Science has made great strides in how diseases are managed. Research and developments in bio-technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the management of disease.

You do not need long admission in hospital. The short stay surgery now enables most women to be discharged under 24 hours and return to normal activities within a week.
Any of these cases of gynaecological practice do not require long term admissions The various conditions which can be managed on a day-care basis or at the most 24 to 48 hours are:


Until a few years ago it was diagnosed - mostly when the tube had already ruptured and the patients were often brought to hospitals in a serious condition. Laparotomy or open abdominal surgery had to be performed.

Advent of ultrasound and sensitive pregnancy tests revolutionised the management. Early diagnosis - prior to rupture possible and by Operative Laparoscopy, the cases can be managed on a day care basis. Some patients can also be managed by effective medication.


This is where the pregnancy does not develop normally and develops as bunch of grapes. This was often diagnosed late and patients suffered many complications . However, this can be diagnosed very early and evacuation of the uterus done on a day-care basis.


Women of all ages have menstrual problems. Not all women require removal of the uterus. Most of these problems can be accurately diagnosed and treated by Hormonal manipulation and various operative procedures. So menstrual problems can be easily treated in the OPD and by short stay surgical procedures.


Previously, fibroids could only be removed via major surgery and entailed prolonged hospital stay.

With recent advances in laparoscopic and hysterscopic surgeries, many of the patients can be treated and discharged early.


The treatment has shown many advances and the treatment can be done by laparoscopic surgery and the patient can go home the same day.


If your pregnancy is less than 7weeks then whether it is a missed abortion, body remnants or a planned termination of pregnancy it can often be managed by tablets on an out-patient basis. However, the tablets should not be taken without consulting a doctor as sometimes there can be complications. Even if you require surgical evacuation you can go home the same day.


  • Surgeries for vaginal tightness displacement, loss of bladder control, female sterilization can be done and the patient is discharged early.
  • Infections of the Genital tract, Contraception, Menopause and its associated problems can all be managed.
  • Deliveries and caesareans are also discharged in 48 to 72 hours.
  • These days many malignancies are also operated by laparoscopy and are therefore also fit for discharge earlier than before.
The current scenario has changed dramatically. Most gynaecological problems are managed on a daycare basis or are discharged early. Advantages of short stay surgery are manifold. The most important is minimum interruption to your personal and professional life. You can go back home to your family within 48 hours and be back at work in a week’s time. The pain is significantly less. Because of the short stay the cost factor is also considerably less and you save money.