Signs that indicate you need immediate medical assistance

By Dr. Sandeep Jain in Emergency & Trauma

Nov 08 , 2020 | 3 min read

Knowing when to seek medical attention has always been difficult. Change of season brings with itself many factors that can cause colds, flu or abnormalities in the stomach. The occasional pain and ache are normal. However, there are times when the body constantly indicates that it’s high time to visit a hospital.

Below are a few medical emergency situations that should not be ignored, as they may turn out to be something serious and even life-threatening.

Shortness of Breath
Panting after a long-running session or climbing a few stairs? Our experts say it is normal. However, a sudden feeling of unusual chest pain and fast breathing without any obvious reason certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Any respiratory disease, when caught early is easy to treat. The right thing to do when experiencing unexplained shortness of breath is to rush to the nearest emergency hospital for timely diagnosis.

Abdominal Pain
Another condition that people often ignore and try to treat by themselves is abdominal pain. Sometime gastric problem can also be cause of abdominal pain. If the pain is more than just a tolerable ache and is sensitive to touch, it could be an acute digestive malfunction or impending appendicitis. If the pain is severe, recurring and doesn’t go away after a short period, seeking medical attention is advised.Abdominal pain when not treated on time can lead to life-threating conditions like acute pancreatitis as well.

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Swelling in the Legs
Swollen legs can be because of exertion, hypothyroidism, vein problems and many other conditions. However, the most worrisome sign can be of congestive heart failure. When the heart fails to circulate an inadequate amount of blood through the body, fluid can slowly build up, causing swelling in the legs. If lying down and resting are not reducing the swelling, and the condition is progressively getting worse, rushing to the nearest hospital for urgent medical attention is advisable.

Intense Headache
A headache can be caused by many reasons including prolonged exposure to loud music, lack of sleep or alcohol-induced hangover. However, a sharp pain that’s unusual and never felt before may indicate an aneurysm, stroke or any other growing life-threatening issue. If the ache is acute, recurs then immediate medical attention is advised.

Chest Pain
Extreme discomfort in the chest that feels like a tightness or someone squeezing it hard should never be ignored. It can be a sign of heart attack. If the pain is followed by sweating, vomiting, nausea or difficulty in breathing; it may be an indication of a heart attack. Pain may be radiated to arms/jaw or back. Other possibilities can be acid reflux or GERD. Though GERD isn’t life-threatening, if left untreated, it can become chronic and may cause discomfort in carrying out day to day activities.

Unusual Bleeding
Rectal bleeding and vomiting blood can be signs of colon or oesophagal cancer. On the other hand, if someone is coughing up blood, it may be linked to tuberculosis, bronchitis or pneumonia. Unusual bleeding should never be taken lightly, and one should rush to the nearest emergency hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.

We at Max Healthcare, believe in offering the best care and service to the patients and their family members. Any abnormalities in the body and its functioning should be reported to the concerned doctor for an early diagnosis and treatment. The emergency warning signs may vary from person to person, which makes it important to identify the underlying cause of the condition.

Sudden onset of weakness of any part of the body or facial asymmetry & slurring of speech can be a sign of stroke. Unexplained headache seizure and sudden loss of vision of one eye are other symptoms of stroke. Immediate medical attention should be sought.