The Best Friendship Day Gift Ever- He Fought the Odds to Donate His Liver to Her Best Friend

By Medical Expert Team

Aug 09 , 2017 | 3 min read

True friends are no less than blood relatives. Prasanna Gopinath proved that, by bringing a new lease of life to his friend.

Recently, a man hailing from Chennai gave his friend the most unusual gift one can ever think of – a new lease of life. In a heroic act, Prasanna Gopinath donated a part of his liver to his friend after her organ failed due to cirrhosis.

Once the legal procedures and other formalities were through, the surgery was successfully conducted at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi. Both Prasanna and his friend are regaining health steadily, while Prasanna has been discharged, his friend is under the observation of expert doctors for a few more days.

Isn’t this the most precious Friendship Day gift one can ever receive?

This noble act of Prasanna Gopinath has inspired many around the world, and people have already started inquiring more about live liver donation. Keeping the queries in mind, here we have listed the FAQs that will answer all the queries related to a live liver donation.

Who can be a live liver donor?

Anyone aged between 18 and 55 with a good health record can be a live liver donor. However, as per the law, donors must have an emotional relationship with the envisioned recipient.The donor’s liver should be sufficient enough to provide adequate volume for the recipient (patient) as well as for the donor. Before the surgery, one needs to go through a series of tests to determine if they are fit for donation or not. At Max Healthcare, our team of liver transplant experts assesses the donor to ensure that the donor possesses least possible risk.

What should be the Donor profile?

Live liver donors do not necessarily have to be someone from the family. However, they should have an emotional connect with the recipient and should match the following attributes to qualify as a donor -

  • Except for adults who are donating to pediatric recipients, the body size of the donor should preferably be equivalent to that of the recipient
  • Blood type should be same as or compatible with the recipient, however matching Rh factor is not necessary
  • The donor should not have a history of alcohol or drug abuse

Is live liver donation safe?

Though the surgery is equally critical for the donor, the risk of death across major Liver Transplant centres is about1 in 500. We at Max Healthcare with a cumulative experience of 2300 plus liver transplants have an excellent donor safety record

How long will I have to stay in the hospital?

As a donor, you will have to stay in the hospital for about a week. Expect to feel some pain and tiredness after the surgery. Your doctor will make you do breathing exercises and may ask you to get up and move around during the day. These practices speed up the recovery process and start making you feel hale and hearty within a few days. Also, within a few weeks, you will be ready to get back to your normal life.

Will live liver donation disturb my life in the long run?

Fortunately, as a donor, you won’t have to go through heavy medication and only a few basic medicines to be taken for a couple of weeks. However, there will be no restrictions related to your eating habits or lifestyle.In the long run, your liver regenerates almost completely. Most of the regeneration occurs in the first two weeks after the surgery, followed by a slower phase of growth over the next few months.

What are the precautions I need to take after the surgery?

After a successful liver donation surgery, it’s crucial for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are advised not to lift heavy weights for the first 3 months after surgery to avoid problems like a hernia. Some physical activity once daily is advisable. However, avoid anything that is overtly exerting.

What facilities does Max Hospital Saket offer to ensure patient safety and successful Liver transplant?

With a team of 200 members, 20 years of experience, 2300+ transplants, Max Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket is the valued destination for Living Related Liver Transplants. The team ensures round the clock care and is the best in class for post-surgery follow-up. We ensure that our patients and donors receive the highest standard of safety during and post-surgery.

We at Max Healthcare, urge more and more people to come forward and be a part of this noble cause. Organ donation is still a rare act in India that leads to a long waiting time for people who are awaiting organ transplantation. We hope the story of Prasanna Gopinath and his friend inspires people to come forward and help others in need through live donations.

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