Thermi RF- A Revolutionary Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Tool!

By Dr. Sunil Choudhary in Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery

Oct 20 , 2016 | 2 min read

Thermi RF- Driven by the science of heat, is the world’s first injectable technology used for facial and body rejuvenation. It is extremely safe as it is thermistor regulated radiofrequency that uses dynamic skin imaging and temperature as the end point.

What does Thermi RF deliver?

Thermi RF needle is inserted under local anaesthesia within 30-60 mins. It is a clinical procedure that gives fast and lasting visible results in just 4-8weeks. Its: 

Temperature Controlled Radio frequency leads to:

  • Smooth tightening skin at 42-45 degrees
  • Melts fat at 55-65 degrees, which gets absorbed by the body within 1-2 months giving a tighter and better defined shape.
  • Shrinks Mucosa at 42-45 degrees
  • Ablate Sweat Glands (Sweaty Armpits) at 42-45 degrees

Precise Energy Delivery

  • Uses temperature as a clinical endpoint
  • Uses Thermistor in the treating Thermi needle tip
  • Thermal Camera Dynamic Imaging for the skin surface

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is an extension of Thermi temperature controlled RF technology for treating vulvo-vaginal laxity caused due to pregnancies and ageing. Most often women suffer in silence due to this as it reduces personal pleasure, causes dryness and stress incontinence (embarrassing involuntary leakage of urine on coughing or straining).

ThermiVa is the world’s first non-invasive non-surgical technology that is capable of vulvo-vaginal skin tightening and rejuvenation in just 2-3 treatments with no downtime and no use of anesthesia. 

Is the procedure Complex?

No, The procedure takes 30-60minutes and can be comfortably done in the clinic. Patients can resume their normal and professional activities from the first day of treatment. All women have reported vaginal tightness, better urinary control and enhanced external looks.   

The thermi treatments require high level of expertise and skill that is available only in the specialized centres. These are proper medical treatments that are highly powerful and should be performed by accredited and trained Thermi surgeons.

What are Thermi RF benefits?

It has also been seen that the tissue treated with Thermi RF undergoes a radical change in terms of collagen remodeling and regeneration. Collagen is a fabric that binds our skin as well as tissue and is responsible for ageing changes and skin loosening. It reduces:

  • Double Chin
  • Loose Abdomen post pregnancy, Back, arms and thighs
  • Vaginal and Vulva Looseness and Dryness
  • Stress incontinence in females

Who are the ideal candidates for Thermi RF?

There is no age bar for candidates who require Thermi RF. An ideal patient is medically fit with skin laxity but minimal fat. Moreover, the candidate should be medically stable and not fitted with any pacemaker device.

It has been observed that the microscopic and ultrasound imagery of before and after skin treatment with RF has shown remarkable improvements and ranks as the treatment with the highest satisfaction among treated patients. About 93% patients refer their friends for the same treatment due to positive experience.