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Tips on Clean Diet to Keep the Infections at Bay

By Ritika Samaddar in Nutrition And Dietetics , Dietetics

Feb 03 , 2015 | 1 min read

Due to the treatment, patients are at great risk of infection. This is because the body is unable to produce white blood cells, which fight infection. To minimize this risk neutropenic/clean diet should be followed. This includes avoiding foods which contain higher levels of bacteria and are known to increase the risk of infection.

Few tips to share:-

  • Stop purchasing in bulk-start buying in smaller quantities as long time stored food may cause infection
  • Pasteurized /tinned milk and milk products should be used. Use fresh supply every day
  • Butter cubes/cheese cubes should be used rather butter bricks/cheese spreads
  • Never use raw eggs as they may be contaminated with salmonella. Raw eggs also contain a vitamin binder Well cooked eggs such as hard boiled/omelettes/scrambled eggs should be used.
  • Thick skin raw fruits/vegetables should be used such as apple, banana, papaya, oranges, cucumber etc. Thin/permeable raw fruits and vegetables should be avoided such as lettuce, raw tomatoes etc (use tomato soups, chutneys or any form of cooked tomatoes).Variety of fruits and vegetables should be included as they give necessary antioxidants to kill off the free radicals.
  • Do not buy ice cream bricks, buy small cups instead in order to avoid contamination
  • Unpasteurized/freshly squeezed fruit juices to be avoided