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A Transforming Bypass Surgery Saved a Brave Heart!

By Medical Expert Team

Sep 13 , 2017 | 2 min read

 “I can’t help you,” said the chemist. Gyan Chand Sharma (named changed), 64 was taken aback when he heard this from his local chemist. He was driving back home when all of a sudden he experienced suffocation and uneasiness and headed towards his chemist for medications.

“I was coming back home all alone after dropping my wife at a sagai function. Suddenly, I experienced suffocation which was unexplainable,” said Sharma, a retired commandant.

He immediately went to nearest diagnostic center with a help and was attended by the person in-charge. In the meantime, his family came and shifted him to a local hospital. He had suffered a major heart attack also known as Myocardial Infarction

Sharma remembers receiving subtle indications from his body days ago. “A month before, I started feeling tired and exhausted while taking a morning stroll which was an unusual thing for me to happen. In another instance, I felt very bad on experiencing uneasiness and loss of breath while taking the stairs. Thereafter, I didn’t care for it and avoided giving it a thought.”

He further mentioned, “I had never thought it would explode to such a situation.”

Looking at the poor condition, he was soon shifted to Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun and was kept under the observation of Dr. Manish Meswani, CTVS Surgeon and Specialist in Fast Track CABG.

His angiography reports showed that he had 3 major blockages. Since he was a high-risk patient and was diagnosed with triple vessel disease with the ventricle function only 15-20%, chances of his survival were low. So Dr. Manish operated him in fast track bypass surgery

About Fast Track CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting)

Dr. Meswani says CABG is a simple procedure. It is more of a logistic exercise that starts when you see the patient. The hospital stay is significantly reduced to 3-4 days for all patients as compared to 8 days in conventional surgeries. However, CABG does not abolish or retard the process of coronary artery disease. It only provides a remedy to get rid of the harmful effects of the disease.

Sharma was happy and satisfied by the treatment he got at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun. He said that “The best thing I like about here is that I can go home early than I expected. What more can a patient ask for.” Sharma was discharged after 4 days from surgery. 

Sharma, who was previously a commandant in Border Security Force, proved that his heart is as brave as he is. With courage and bravery, he overcame such a major heart attack. He dedicates one hour daily in exercising and leads quite an active and healthy life. 

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Medical Expert Team