Understanding that there are difficulties with your child’s social skills

By Megha Sharma in Clinical Psychology

Aug 02 , 2021 | 1 min read

Understanding that there are difficulties with your child’s social skills can be difficult and even more difficult becomes working towards improvement. The following points can help you deal with your situation better:

  1. Do not save your child from social troubles, they might get overwhelmed and you might want to feel protective about your child but please remember that your behaviour can become maladaptive when it comes to their progress through social skills. Exposing them to social situations and then guiding them how to deal with it is the actual process that will teach them the correct response.
  2. Be transparent about your expectations from a social situation (know your child’s capabilities and make sure your expectations are not unrealistic). Be prepared to repeat patiently and help your child achieve the standards.
  3. When your child has an outburst, do not yell at them, instead help them by diffusing the situation and regaining composure. Once they are back to their own self then discuss what could be done differently.
  4. Remember to not keep the spotlight on your child for a very long time. Remember there is more to your child than just the social skill deficit. Celebrate the other traits, praise their other achievements, at work, at play, at play. Children hate the negative attention on them and if it is prolonged, it can have a negative impact on their self-esteem.