Volunteer Program and Activities

By Medical Expert Team

Jun 14 , 2019 | 1 min read


The Volunteer Program at the Max Institute of Cancer Care, Lajpat Nagar is a support group of fighters & winners for other fighters & winners & their families and friends.

We have talks & discussions on topics of concern & interest to all once a month. These afternoons are also a great opportunity to meet in an informal atmosphere to exchange experiences & to encourage & motivate each other.

When the weather is pleasant, we arrange walks to promote the importance of physical exercise. These walks are theme based, to and through places of interest in Delhi.

Art therapy is held in the day-care for patients & their attendants. These therapeutic & relaxing sessions are a wonderful way to engage in a creative activity while undergoing treatment.

The Max Cancer Community comes together to participate in events like the ADHM & Raahgiri. These events reinforce bonds of mutual trust & respect in an out-of-the-hospital setting.

Our volunteers, having been through the journey themselves, visit patients in the day-care to give hope & ease anxiety.

Once a year, we do a donation drive where we collect blankets etc. & distribute them among cancer patients less privileged than us.

The Volunteer Program is an integral part of the care provided by Max Institute of Cancer Care & is much appreciated by fighters & winners alike.

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