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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
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Bio Medical Waste Report For Shalimar Bagh

Month Red Autoclave(Infected Plastic Waste) Yellow- Incineration(AnatomicalWaste & Soiled Waste) Blue Autoclave (Glass- Bottles) Black Cytotoxic- Incineration( Cytotoxic Contaminated Items) White- Sharp Total Bags Total Weight(In KG's)
  No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's)    
Apr-17 924 2963.50 954 2994.10 239 1017.30 103 279.20 1645 606.40 3865 7861.00
May-17 1175 4624.12 1028 3498.40 276 1524.34 87 195.01 1803 823.85 4369 10665.71
Jun-17 1060 4511.45 902 2886.66 293 1324.05 76 194.00 2057 1100.69 4388 10016.85
Jul-17                     0 0.00
Aug-17                     0 0.00
Sep-17                     0 0.00
Oct-17                     0 0.00
Nov-17                     0 0.00
Dec-17                     0 0.00
Jan-18                     0 0.00
Feb-18                     0 0.00
Mar-18                     0 0.00
YTD 3159 12099.065 2884 9379.155 808 3865.69 266 668.705 5505 2530.94 12622 28543.555

Staff Nurse

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Clinical Directorate

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Job Description

To assist in delivering high quality nursing care in the hospital.

Nursing Knowledge & Adaptability
• Awareness of the departmental vision, mission, objectives and its implementation.
• Performs the duties as per the role and expectation of a nurse in providing comprehensive patient care.
• Knowledge about the layout of the unit, number of patients and
types of patient and their requirements.
• Interaction, co-operation and team spirit with other staff members.
• Performs assigned duties as per the department’s protocol
• Maintains all registers used in the unit.
• Accurate knowledge about the forms and formats
• Performs all special assignments as rostered.
Soft skill and Critical thinking
• Demonstrates knowledge on AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank) and GST (Greet, smile, thank).
• Utilizes effective communication skills in reporting pertinent information on time.
• Maintains telephone etiquettes
• Maintains professional decorum and communicates in English/Hindi in the areas of work with colleagues.
• Address to the grooming standards laid down by the department
• Evaluates effectiveness of nursing care on patient condition
• Inform Team leader/Supervisor of current activities on the unit and reports unusual occurrence, incidents or other problems and also follow up as needed
• Utilizes changes of shift report to accurately and effectively to communicate patient condition and intervention
• Ensure all documentation is clear concise and timely. Utilize appropriate clinical terminology
• Performs independent problem solving and decision making in a logical and deliberate manner, utilizing available resources when needed
• Exhibits flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the patient and the unit
• Demonstrates understanding of emergency levels and effectively and safely responds to emergency situation in a calm constructive positive manner
Nursing Admission Assessment
• Performs comprehensive nursing assessment on all patients with consideration to clinical condition, pain activities of daily living , skin allergies, integrity, valuables, safety needs, age ,mental, social and physical status.
• Identifies patient problems based upon data collected through nursing assessment as well as integrated information obtained through the family. Takes measures to address any vital concerns compromising the haemodynamic stability and safety issues
• Follows all aspects of the hospital policy in terms of safety, personal belongings, medico – legal entity, medications etc.
• Assesses vital signs, important information and reports abnormalities to the consultant and team and carries out orders as per instructions.
• Accurately and thoroughly documents nursing assessment and patient problems using appropriate clinical terminology.
• Completes and documents ongoing assessment
• Assesses and communicates educational, spiritual, pain management and dietary needs to the concerned
• Involves, communicates and educates the family members in the future plan of care
Plan of Care
• Formulates nursing care plan in context to care due, care given, safety first, PFE, diet and other needs in each shift noting patients needs, age, behavior and concerns identified through nursing assessment.
• Ensures that care is provided with a comprehensive approach always ensuring safety and clinical outcomes.
• Establishes priorities for nursing needs based on nursing assessment, problems identified and estimated length of stay.
• Actively participates in the development of interdisciplinary plan of care as per policy
• Ensures unmet needs are handed over to the next shift accurately
• Acts as liaison with the treatment team and other multidisciplinary staff ensuring accurate communications of relevant information
• Ensures evidence through accurate documentation.
Provision of Nursing Care
• Practices within the general policies, philosophy and objectives of the department of nursing and the hospital with focus on safety, quality, infection control and empathy.
• Provides nursing care in a therapeutically efficient manner demonstrating social, clinical and professional judgment and competency.
• Participates in the implementation of the treatment plan utilizing intervention appropriate to the needs of the patient. Demonstrates knowledge and skills related to special treatment, procedures, precautions, seclusions, restraints etc.
• Provides supportive counseling of current patient concerns.
• Assesses unit milieu and maintains a safe, therapeutic environment for patients, family members and staff.
• Assesses and meets activities of daily living needs of patients in dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, eating and sleeping.
• Identifies all vulnerable patients and ensures that the safety first program is followed at all times
• Demonstrates ability to recognize different types of incidents and responding mechanism for such issues.
• Accurately and thoroughly documents nursing interventions.
• Provides ongoing patient / family education according to individual needs, considers factors influencing learning and documents same in the patients medical record
• Safely uses and maintains biomedical equipments.
• Updates and keeps abreast of the HAI statistics and control measures and practices them in the working environment
• Actively participates in discharge planning, education and care at home along with patient and the family.
Medication Management
• Is knowledgeable about the medication process and ADR
• Accurately transcribes medication and treatment orders for the indenting process
• Recognizes improper or inadequate orders and reports these to supervisors and physician before proceeding
• Checks and receives medication against the order during pharmacy delivery.
• Accurately and safely administers prescribed medications and treatments using correct methods of administration and adheres to policy (6 R’s of medication, 2 identifiers, allergic history, double check for applicable medicines), admixtures , outside medication, self medication policy etc..)
• Accurately maintains medications administration record
• Monitors the patient post administration and reports any adverse events and accurately completes the ADR forms
• Demonstrates safe storage and control of medication.
• Evaluates and documents patient response to medication regimenImplements the waste management policy
• Is knowledgeable of action, side effects proper dosage and contraindication of drugs being administered
• Demonstrates knowledge of and documentation requirements for proper administration of medication to protesting patients.
• Accurately identifies need to administer SOS medication and documents effect.
• Immediately reports any medication error, ADRs and accurately completes incidents report or ADR forms.
• Teaches medication management to patients as per discharge planning requirement
Professional safety and Growth development
• Assumes responsibility for personal and professional growth and development through participation at in service education programme, workshop, staff meetings, unit meeting and on the job training
• Will adhere to all safety policies and safe work practices.(Sharps policy, falls, communicable disease etc.)
• Adhere to all hospital policies and procedures.
• Participates in unit staff meeting, monthly meeting with Nursing Leadership, IDTR round which will enhance the quality of services provided to patient.
• Recognizes own limitation, seeks information and advice when unable to solve conflict/ problems on an individual basis. Maintains required professional licenses and updation of Registration
• Demonstrates competency in the following areas.
 Basic competency annual competency assessment and training.
 Fire Safety & Infection Control
 Radiation Safety & Proper use of biomedical equipment.
 ISO & NABH Standards
 Waste Management Policy
 Others as when scheduled
• Participates in identifying training needs for individual growth and
Customer Relation Skills and professional behaviour
Represents the hospital in a manner, which conveys a professional, courteous
• caring and co – operative attitude.
• Is knowledgeable of patient rights and responsibilities and treats all patients with dignity and respect in a consistent and caring manner.
• Understands the need for and maintains appropriate confidentiality at all times when interacting with patients, family, visitors and all other contacts
• Exhibits excellent customer relations skills as evidenced by supportive and constructive communication with all contacts including co-workers, patient, visitors, families.
• Utilizes an open, non judgmental, non discriminatory, professional and therapeutic approach to treatment with all patients.
• Demonstrates professional behavior and interpersonal skills reflective of Max Healthcare mission statement and philosophy
• Complies with hospital, departmental and human resources policies.
• Promotes a safe work environment for self, patients and co-workers by complying with environment of care, safety, infection control and universal precaution guidelines.
• Maintains a neat, smart professional appearance consistent with hospital dress code
• Maintains scheduling requirements of attendance and punctuality in accordance with hospital policy
• Complies with standards of ethics in practice.
• Understands the need for appropriate patient staff boundaries and maintains a strict therapeutic relationship during active treatment. Discontinues communication with patient upon discharge. Informs charge Nurse / Supervisor of any patient contact after discharge.
• Turns negative service into a positive attitude. Able to reverse outcomes by looking for a positive approach
• Has a professional image. Represents the hospital well in a professional manner in attitude and work.
• Practices teamwork. Works within common vision and goal and cooperates with peers and superiors.
• Strives for excellence in all endeavors. Always looks for ways to work more effectively..

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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj

B Sc.(Nursing)/GNM

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Devanshi Parashar
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