Senior Resident / Attending Consultant - General Surgery

Job Description

  • To Provide Quality clinical Care to surgical Patients
  • To ensure timely attention and intervention for any query or requirement from the IP surgical patient.
  • To practice evidence based medicine awareness regarding surgical patient
  • {Investigation- (profile/reports/plan)} {Treatment- (details/drug procurement)} {Drug Allergies/ patient history}
  • To ensure Emergency Preparedness & Response Treatment/ Procedure/ Investigations)
  • To ensure that the surgical IP rounds are duly done and the patients are attended empathetically
  • To ensure that ethical Medical practice is followed.  
  • To Compliance with patient protocols (OP-IP/OT/ Diagnostics/ ICU/ Triage)
  • To Document patient File/ Prescriptions/requisitions (legible/ complete)
  • To ensure Documentation at the time of Discharge
  • To workup of all IP patients for surgery & ensure tie-up preparation consent.
  • To ensure adequate care of all part up cases.
  • To complete all OP & IP records on time with accuracy.
  • To ensure clear and prompt communication with all consultant.
  • To ensure on-time availability of technical equipment for surgery and assist all surgical consultants in O.T. procedures
  • To be well groomed, punctual & adhere to company policies and practices.
  • To have complete Awareness about Disaster Management Programme (DMP) of the hospital.
  • To Comply with the service quality Process, environmental & occupational issues & policies of the respective area
  • To Comply with patient safety policy
  • To ensure safe utilization of equipments and proper waste disposal system.

Qualification: M.S. / DNB General Surgery

Experience: 0-5 years.

No. of Vacancies: 2

Expected Salary: 100000 LPM - 1,40,000 PM

Last Submission Date: Tue, May 31, 2022 6:30 AM

Job Publisher Details

Name: Amar Anand


Phone: 9540502626

Job Location

Max Hospital, Patparganj