Post graduate training in Internal Medicine. A partnership between
Max Healthcare and the Joint Royal College of
Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB-UK)

Incorporating full MRCP -UK which is equivalent to MD
MRCP-UK is recognized by the Medical Council of India

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Core Element of our Training

About Internal Medicine Training

INTERNAL MEDICINE TRAINING (IMT) forms the first stage of specialty training for most doctors training in physicianly specialties, prepares trainees for participating in the acute medical take at a senior level as well as managing patients with acute and chronic medical problems in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Max Institute of Medical Excellence provides an array of educational and training programs We have an association with National Board of Examination (NBE) since past 10 years to provide Diplomat of National Board (DNB) program to the medical professionals who wish to continue their medical education and training. Over the years the program has expanded to 23 Broad and Super Specialities and is functional at 7 Max Healthcare hubs with a total of 235 residents on board. We have a robust DNB program in Internal Medicine since 2009 and have 15 students enrolled for the same. DNB Family Medicine was started in 2012 and has 17 students enrolled.

Also a gamut of Fellowship and Skill Building programs for medical professionals are offered who wish to develop their competencies in respective medical fields with the support of our esteemed and high profile medical faculty

Max Healthcare in partnership with the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board, United Kingdom invites applications for UK equivalent Internal Medicine Training (IMT).

Max Healthcare will be the third organization in the world to be recognized by the board to deliver IMT outside UK and is the only MRCP UK PACES center in North India.

Incorporating full MRCP -UK which is equivalent to MD and Recognized by the Medical Council of India. Internal Medicine Training is not recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Program Details


Full time supervised post graduate program in Internal Medicine. Progress reviewed and agreed each year at the ARCP.

Admission Enquiry


Full time supervised post graduate program in Internal Medicine. Progress reviewed and agreed each year at the ARCP.

Eligibility criteria

Important Information/Fee Structure

Duration of Internal Medicine Training 3 Years
No of seats 25 each intake
• Application process
• Session Starts
• Application Fee
• Application has to be submitted online
• February and September every year
• INR 5000
Fee structure INR 22,00,000 per annum including GST
Stipend paid by Max Healthcare INR 50,000 per month
Program Director - Delhi
Program Director - Mumbai
Dr. R.S Mishra
Dr. Nitin Rathod
Program Administrator Dr. Akshay Munjal

Advantages of IMT

  • Structured 3 year training of international standard- Physician training of young graduate doctors will be delivered to the equivalent standard as in the UK undertaking the same curriculum and assessments by our pool of consultants fully trained by the Royal College of Physicians

  • IMT will be offered at the tertiary care hospitals of Max Healthcare in Delhi & NCR with 2300 beds and with a strong presence across North India in delivering world-class healthcare services and post graduate programs in more than 30 specialties through 14 hospitals

  • Supervised training
    Each trainee will be under constant supervision by both:
    1. Educational Supervisor
    2. Clinical Supervisor
    The supervisors will provide support to the trainee by identifying the educational needs, setting of learning goals, reflective learning and personal development through monthly one on one meetings

    Assessment of supervisors will also be done on a regular basis through appraisal meetings to review competency progression

  • Workplace based Assessments: - Regular workplace based assessments are conducted throughout training with an ARCP . Students undergo ARCP at three points during the program. A UK expert from JRCPTB will be present at all ARCPs to ensure a UK equivalent standard is achieved.

Why choose MAX ?

  • Max Healthcare has been approved as the only current center in North India to conduct the MRCP UK PACES examination. The first successful examination was hosted in February 2018 and since then Max Healthcare has been hosting the MRCP-UK PACES examination twice a year.
  • This examination is designed to test the clinical knowledge and skills of trainee doctors who hope to enter higher specialist training (ST3). Trainees must have passed the Part 1 written examination within the last 7 years before taking PACES. The examination sets rigorous standards to ensure that trainees are competent across a range of skills and ready to provide a high standard of care to patients. In PACES, candidates are assessed on their ability to carry out essential clinical skills. There are five clinical stations where there are either patients with a given condition, or trained stand-ins (surrogates).


Max Super Specialty Hospitals - Delhi & Mumbai
The total number of seats is 25
The JRCPTB is a Federation of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK (Royal Colleges of London, Edinburgh and Glasgow). The JRCPTB sets and maintains the standards for high quality UK Medical training on behalf of the three Colleges. Trainees will be registered with the JRCPTB at the beginning of IMT
The approved curriculum for IMT is a sub-set of the curricula for General Internal Medicine (GIM) and Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) and is a spiral curriculum as topics are revisited with increasing levels of difficulty, new learning is related to previous learning and the competence of the trainee increases.
MRCP UK is recognized by the Medical Council of India. IMT is not recognized by the Medical Council of India.
The candidate would be rotated in the following departments spread across 3 years
• Internal Medicine
• Neurology
• Respiratory Medicine
• Cardiology
• Gastroenterology
• Nephrology
• Medical ICU
• Radio-diagnosis
• Infectious Diseases
• Rheumatology
• Emergency Medicine
• Endocrinology
• Geriatrics
• Palliative Care
• Psychiatry
• Dermatology
• Oncology
• Log on
• Download the application form
• Fill in the application form and attach the required documents
• Scan the application and mail it on
• Intake of trainees in IMT is biannual
The application opening and closing dates can be found on the following link
If you do not manage to submit your application form by the advertised deadline you will have to apply again at a future opportunity as late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.
The main stage of application for IMT is the interview . The candidate will be assessed on 6 independent aspects of their candidature across 3 stations
The time allocated to each interview station is 10 minutes, with five minutes transfer time in between. Thus the total interview time will be approximately 45 minutes

Station 1
• Review and verification of documents to ensure that the content on the application form is correct.
• Area of assessment
o Suitability and commitment to IMT
o Achievements till date.

Station 2
• Area of Assessment
o Handling of the clinical scenario.
o Communication skills

Station 3
• Areas of assessment
o Ethical scenario -Deals with consideration of the moral, ethical, legal, etc. issues of a particular situation.
o Understanding of professionalism and governance in a given situation
o Principles of GMC Good Medical Practice

Once your interview has been completed, feedback on your interview assessment and application status will be available.
The e Portfolio is a web-based tool that enables trainees to log all evidence of their experience, competencies and courses for their entire medical training period. The e Portfolio is hosted by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) on behalf of JRCPTB.
All trainees on Internal Medicine Training have to use the JRCPTB e-Portfolio. The e-Portfolio has been developed to include specialty specific curricula and assessment forms
Trainees must complete all the IMT competencies at the final ARCP and acquire the full MRCP to both complete the program and to also be able to apply to enter specialty training (ST3).
In case the candidate is unable to clear the MRCP UK PACES Examination he or she can reattempt to Clear the exam.
The tenure of the IMT program will not be extended and no extra fee will be charged in case of failure to pass MRCP UK PACES Examination.

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