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Max Healthcare Institute is certified as International Training Centre for American Heart Association ( and offers short courses in emergency/resuscitation recognized by American Heart Association. These courses are recognized world over as the certificate is valid across the globe. Set guidelines of American Heart Association are followed while Training, Examination, Curriculum and Mode of Teaching. These courses are underlined below:



  • Basic Life Support Provider Course (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Course (ACLS)
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support Course (PALS)
  • Airway Management Course
  • ECG and Pharmacology Course
  • Basic Life Support Instructor
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor


  • Heart Saver CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Heart Saver AED (Automated External Defrillator)
  • Heart Saver First Aid
  • Heart Saver Pediatric First Aid
  • Family & Friends CPR
  • Family & Friends First Aid for Children
  • Heart Saver Instructor


MIME conducts Basic Life Support courses in Delhi/NCR for healthcare providers and others to provide resuscitation support in medical emergencies. These BLS and ACLS courses in India are offered to the workforce of Max Healthcare, but also to any outsider seeking to do the course. These courses are empanelled by the Quality Council of India. We provide these courses at various Health Care Organizations all across India. The following programs come under MELS programs:

  • Max Emergency Life Support - Basic
  • Max Emergency Life Support - Advanced
  • Max Emergency Life Support - Rapid
  • Max First Responder Course - Basic
  • Max First Responder Course - Rapid


You can get an opportunity of being an instructor at Max Healthcare by doing the following instructor courses:

  • Basic Life Support Instructor
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor
  • Heart Saver Instructor Course



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For more information, please, Ph. no- 08826600461

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Max Institute of Medical Excellence


The department is established with a vision 'to build a unique institution that drives excellence in healthcare delivery through academics and research, thereby building a healthy society for posterity.' The Academy of Excellence for Skill Development is proposed with an objective:

  • To develop individuals valued in healthcare as change catalysts who will transform the existing healthcare system in India
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that is respectful of diversity and that fosters individual and collective pursuits
  • To develop the ability in students to practice autonomously in a wide range of clinical and community settings
  • Provide career advancement and lifelong learning opportunities through a center of excellence of continuing education
  • Design and develop skilling, workshops, short courses, continuous skill up programs relevant to the sector
  • Cultivate critical thinking, creativity and ethical practices in healthcare professionals
  • To develop an institution with a sharp focus on service excellence
  • To place patient care at the forefront of all education and healthcare delivery initiatives
  • To deliver value based healthcare outcomes for the community and improve quality of life
  • To build a financially self-sustainable model

Objective and Scope

Max Institute of Medical Excellence (MIME) is a dedicated centre for medical education and training. MIME was established to meet Max Healthcare's vision for providing the highest quality of patient care, to establish a centre of excellence in training and education. The centre gives a cutting edge to the medical personnel at Max Healthcare and enables them to deliver the best in healthcare by consistently upgrading their skill set.

The focused approach and structured growth of MIME are a harbinger to the development of Max Nursing Academy (MNA) and ensuing Max Institute of Health Education and Research.

Delivery of healthcare is a dynamic process to meet evolving needs. MIME is a central education and training resource that will meet and enhance the training needs of all medical staff working in Max Healthcare, as well as of the external healthcare community. The goal is to build a unique institution where patient care is at the forefront driven by excellence in healthcare delivery a committed and highly skilled workforce is an imperative. This, in turn should result in providing ready access to highly skilled and industry ready workforce translating to superior patient care. In addition, it will be a traction factor and retention toll for all cadres of healthcare workforce. The efforts are centered on the principles of 4S.


The medical educational programs are specifically governed by General Laws of the country, more specifically Consumer Protection Laws which restrict unfair trade practices including substandard services than promised and violation of specific contractual obligations.

  • Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. is recognized by National Board of Examinations to permit practical training for students undergoing DNB courses in 21 discipline
  • Masters in Emergency Medicine is conducted in affiliation with George Washington University
  • AHA Emergency Training Courses- Max Healthcare Institute is certified as International Training Centre for American Heart Association and offers short courses in emergency/resuscitation recognized by American Heart Association which include Basic Life Support Courses, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses, Pediatric Advanced Life Support course, Heart Saver, First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, Automatic External Defibrillator Courses.